Gaza Airstrike

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UNSC To Hold Emergency Closed-Door Meeting Amid Several Airstrike At Gaza Strip

Amid the latest escalation between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the Gaza strip, the Union Nations Security Council (UNSC) will hold and emergency closed-door meeting, on August 8. The move has come after several airstrikes were reported across the Gaza strip under Israel's operation Breaking Dawn. The meet is expected to aim at ensuring international peace among the nations.

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An explosion in a building.

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Israel Intercepts Another Rocket Fired by Palestinian Militants

Amid the tussle between Israel and Palestine, the Israeli military again managed to intercept a rocket fired by Palestinian militants on the night of September 12. Notably, the militants have been trying to attack Israeli forces as they captured four fugitives out of six who escaped from an Israeli jail last week. The tension is already high at the border area because Hamas doesn't want Israel's interfere in Gaza.

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Yahya Sinwar

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Israeli Army Airstrike On Hamas' Political Chief Yahya Sinwar's Place In The Gaza Strip

Israel has bombed the Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau Yahya Sinwar and his brother Muhammad Sinwar's house in an airstrike in the Gaza strip. As of now, there is no confirmation of his death or well-being. The army estimated that around 2,900 rockets were fired towards Israel by the Palestinian militants till 7 AM May 16. Yahya Sinwar has served two decades in Israeli prison till 2011.

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Israel violence.

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20 Dead In Gaza As Israel Retaliates Palestine Over Its Rocket Attacks

In a dramatic escalation of Jerusalem’s violent clashes extending to May 11, Gaza authorities reported at least 20 casualties including nine children. The death toll increased after Israel launched an airstrike to counter Palestine's rocket attack by Islamist militant group ‘Hamas’ in Gaza. Hamas retaliated after its deadline to Israel to remove force expired. Reportedly, the escalation started with confrontations at the Al-Aqsa Mosque- most… read-more

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Israel flag

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Human Rights Watch Blames Israel Of Apartheid Crimes Against Palestinians

Human Rights Watch has accused the Israeli government of persecuting Palestinians and blamed them for pursuing apartheid-driven policies. The 213-page report criticized Israel's forceful operation on Palestinian-owned territory by laying excessive 'control over demographics.' While Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stood by the report, the Israel Foreign Ministry termed it ‘preposterous and false.' Earlier, International Criminal Court (ICC… read-more

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