Mumbai International Airport

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Mumbai International Airport Switches To Green Energy

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport has switched to green sources for its energy consumption needs. Notably, the airport has procured around 5% of the airport's electricity requirement through its onsite solar generation and the rest 95% from other green sources such as hydro and wind energy, said a statement by CSMIA. Moreover, the airport attained the landmark 100%  utilization of renewable sources of energy in August 2022.… read-more

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NTPC Records 21.7% Increase In Power Generation In April-June 22

NTPC group companies registered an increase of 21.7% from 85.8 BU generated in the corresponding quarter last year to 104 BU, in QFY3. On July 8, the company revealed that in June’22, generation was 34.8 BU, higher by 29.3% compared to 26.9 BU in June’21 indicating improved performance along with increased power supply demand. Notably, the NTPC thermal plant in Odisha is the highest generating thermal power plant.

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Tata Motors

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Tata Motors Aims To Sell More Electric Vehicles In Second Half Of FY23

Tata Motors anticipates a better second half of the current fiscal year, with the carmaker aiming to sell 50,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in the fiscal year ending March 31. With double EV sales in 2023/24, the firm also looks for a significantly better supply condition and commodity price stability. On July 4, Tata Motors Chairman N Chandrasekaran stated the company will be one of the global leaders in green mobility.  

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Energy Department

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Maharashtra Govt-Adani Groups Sign MoU, Will Generate 11000 MW Green Power

Aiming to provide green energy, the MVA-led Maharashtra government's Energy department signed an MoU with Adani Green Energy Group Ltd (AGEL), on June 28. As per the agreement, the duo will generate 11000 MW of green power in the next five years, with an investment of Rs 60,000 crore, providing 30,000 jobs. The Maharashtra Energy department released an official statement and said, it will help non-conventional energy-resource in immediate… read-more

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Solar Panels and wind turbines

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Germany Seeks Strong Relationship With India In Field Of Renewable Energy

Stephan Grabherr, Deputy Ambassador German Embassy, stated on May 31, that Germany seeks a strong relationship with India on sustainable and green energy and energy transformation. GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) also gave a presentation on the history of PV Port and technological innovation for "Make in India." He went on to say that India already has fantastic technology and that large corporations have invested heavily in… read-more

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Narendra Modi and Borris Johnson

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Britain, India Introduce 'Green Grids Initiative' To Switch Soon To Green Energy

The UK and India on November 2, announced a proposal to strengthen links across the world's electricity power systems to stimulate the transition to green energy. Over 80 nations supported the "Green Grids Initiative" during the COP26. By connecting the grids, parts of the world with abundant renewable energy could transfer it to others in need. The initiative will help to keep… read-more

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Green Energy

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India's Fossil Fuel Bigwigs To Transform To Clean Energy

Bigwigs of India's fossil fuel industry like Reliance Industries Limited, Adani Green Energy, and Coal India Limited have announced massive-scale plans to convert to clean energy. These government and private sector companies have sparked fears of consolidation in the green energy market. Commenting on this huge change, Gautam Mohanka, Gautam Solar's MD said, "the renewable energy sector is already consolidating in favor of the organized… read-more

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A representational image of France

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France To Provide $2,975, Exchange Your Old Car With Electric Bicycle

To promote sustainable means of transport, France is likely to give $2,975 to its citizens in exchange for old cars and purchase electric bicycles. Reportedly, France lawmakers have approved the cash-for-clunkers incentive in preliminary voting. France would become the first nation in the world to implement such a scheme, claimed the French Federation of Bicycle Users. However, Finland and Lithuania have offered similar schemes in the past.… read-more

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IIT-Delhi Develops Environment Friendly Modular EV Charging Station

IIT-Delhi researchers have developed a first of its kind environment-friendly electric vehicle charging station as a move towards green energy. Funded by the Centre’s Department of Science and Technology, the station has an inbuilt photovoltaic interface capability. The 20 kW charging station can be built as an independent infrastructure without relying on conventional grids. Moreover, being low cost, the user-friendly charger can charge a… read-more

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Representational Image

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Energy Firms Build New Strategies To Uphold Environmental Standards

While achieving set environmental goals like reduced greenhouse gas emissions, major energy companies have opted to turn carbon sequestration into profitable ventures. The move is, reportedly, in accordance with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement which aims to limit the increase in planetary warming to less than 1.5-degree Celsius. Companies like Kinder Morgan Inc, Baker Hughes Co and Exxon Mobil Corp have started to commercialise carbon… read-more

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