Haiti Earthquake

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Haiti Earthquake: Death Toll Up 2,189, Over 300 Missing

The death toll in the Caribbean nation rose to 2,189 after the nation was struck by a deadly earthquake that did lots of damage, destruction, and death on August 16. Over 300 people were reported missing, while,12,260 people were injured and thousands more displaced.  A one-month state of emergency has been declared by the government in four regions that were heavily damaged.

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Haiti earthquake

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Nearly 2,000 Dead In Haiti Earthquake, Over 10,000 Injured

As the search for survivors resumed post a tropical storm, the death toll of the recent earthquake in Haiti has reached 1,941 on August 17. According to the Civil Protection Service, the hospitals are overwhelmed as the number of injured has reached 9,915. However, many are feared missing or under the rubble. "There weren't enough doctors and now she is dead", one of the patient's family member said.

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Massive Earthquake Of Magnitude 7.2 Claims 1,297 Lives In Haiti

About 1,297 people have lost their lives in a massive earthquake that shook Haiti on August 15. At least 5,700 people have been injured. Haiti's civil protection agency stated nearly 13,600 buildings have been destroyed. Reportedly, the health clinics have been flooded with the injured and are running out of space to accommodate them. Meanwhile, Haiti has been under a state of emergency for a month.

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