Rajnath Singh in Hawaii.

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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh In Hawaii, Will Visit Indo-Pacific Command

Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has touched down in Hawaii. Upon his arrival, Singh shared on Twitter that he would be visiting the headquarters of the US Army Pacific, the Pacific Air Forces and the US Indo-Pacific Command. He was accorded a warm welcome by Commander (US INDOPACOM) Admiral John Aquilino. The Indian military and the USINDOPACOM have a number of engagements, which include training and joint military exercises.

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No Booster Shots Needed For Tourists In Hawaii

Recently on February 8, state governor Ige announced no COVID-19 booster shots mandatory for travelers as a part of its Safe Travels program in Hawaii. "In making this decision, we considered declining COVID-19 case counts," the official statement stated. In Maui and Honolulu, travelers will have to show a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test. Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Josh Green said Hawaii may look to end the program by the spring. 

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Representational photo: Blue Ring Nebula

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Scientists Find Explanation For Perplexing Blue Ring Nebula

Scientists from W.M. Observatory in Hawaii on November 18 explained the formation of the Blue Ring Nebula surrounding the star TYC 2597-735-1. According to report, a collision with a sun-like star led to the ejection of a hot cloud with debris, which caused the hydrogen molecules in it to heat up, resulting in ultraviolet emissions. Physicist Keri Hoadley said the process was caught before it was too late to gather any information.

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United Airlines Airplane

Photo: Business Traveller

United Airlines To Provide Covid-19 Testing Facility At Airports

United Airlines has launched a system in which passengers travelling to Hawaii can save their time by undergoing COVID-19 test on airport premises. Come October 15, people travelling from San Francisco to Hawaii can get tested on airport itself, and can enjoy their trip without spending 14 days in quarantine if results come negative. "We'll look to quickly expand customer testing to other destinations," said Chief Customer Officer at United… read-more

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Hawaii Emerges As Happiest Among All States Of America

Hawaii has emerged as the 'Happiest State in America' in 2020. A financial website, WalletHub, has conducted the study on 32 parameters, and covered all the 50 states. A 100-point scale divided into 3 parts - emotional and physical well-being (50), Work environment (25 points) and community as well as environment (25) - was used by the website to measure the happiness scale among the states in America.

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Hawaii To Permit Tourists With Negative Covid-19 Certificate to Bypass Quarantine

On September 16, the Hawaiian Governor David Ige announced that tourists can skip the 14-day quarantine if they test negative for COVID-19. The move, which comes into effect from October 15, mandates travellers to undergo a COVID test within 72 hours prior to their flights. The step has been taken to revive the state’s tourism, badly hit by the pandemic which has left one-quarter of the workforce jobless.

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