Doctor leaves patient midway

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Doctor Leaves Operation Midway After Dispute Over Tea, Investigation Launched

In a shocking report from Nagpur, a doctor of government hospital allegedly left sterilization operation of women midway. What is bizarre is that Dr. Tejrang Bhalavi was scheduled to perform surgery on eight women, for family planning. However, he had dispute with the hospital staff over a cup of tea after conducting four women's operations. He then, left the remaining women in operation theater. An investigation is ordered against doctor.… read-more

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19 Year Old Boy Collapsed, Later Died Of Cardiac Arrest

A 19-year-old boy Vinit Kunvariya died of suspected cardiac failure while playing Garba in Gujarat’s Jamnagar. The incident took place on September 25, when Vinit, an engineering student, was practising garba in a class in the Patel Park area for a Navratri event. Vinit suddenly collapsed after completing the first round and was rushed to a private hospital, and later shifted to GG Hospital where he was declared dead.

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Operation items

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Mentally Disable Person Swallows Weird Items, Doctors Remove Shocking Items

In a concerning case from Moga in Punjab, a 40-year-old man reported to be mentally unwell underwent a medical operation where the doctors removed shocking things from his stomach. The man complained of severe and long-term stomach ache drawing medical attention. He was operated on by the experts for three hours and items such as earphones, lockets, screws, and rakhis were removed from the person's stomach.

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Chinese population

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China Becomes Country With Largest Number Of Alzheimer's Patients In World

China has become the country with the largest number of Alzheimer's patients in the world, the state-run Global Times reported. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia and mostly affects people in old age. In China, however, the disease is also occurring at an increasingly younger age. Sources said, about 15.07 million people aged 60 and above in China have dementia, of which 9.83 million have Alzheimer's disease.

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Technology advancement for 3D Angioplast

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3D Angioplasty To Be Safe Alternate For Traditional Bypass Surgeries

Advancements in medical technology have propelled the field of cardiology to new heights, offering heart patients alternatives to traditional bypass surgeries one such revolutionary procedure is 3D angioplasty, which promises to be a game-changer for those suffering from coronary artery disease Unlike conventional methods that involve using stents to open narrow or blocked blood vessels, this cutting-edge technique combines real-time imaging… read-more

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Containment Zone

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Kerala Govt Declared 7 Gram Panchayat As Containment Zones; Nipah Virus Alert

Kerala is witnessing yet again COVID-19-like lockdown situation in several regions. After the recent rise in the Nipah virus, the health ministry declared containment zones, imposing strict restrictions, to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Listing the panchayats declared as containment zones, Kozhikode District are: Atanchery, Maruthonkara, Tiruvallur, Kuttiyadi, Kayakkodi, Villyapalli, and Kavilumpara. Furthermore,… read-more

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Polio vaccine

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Polio Problem As Sanofi Announces To Discontinue Manufacture Of Vaccine

Beginning, in March 2024, pharma major Sanofi India will discontinue the manufacture of polio vaccine ShanIPV. The announcement was made in a public notice. Observers said this could create havoc as Sanofi is one of the largest suppliers of ShanIPV. Meanwhile, the company has made necessary regulatory submissions for the approval of a product with a similar composition. Moreover, talks are underway between the company and the Government.

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Prabhas in Kalki

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Prabhas To Undergo Knee Surgery After Kalki 2898 AD Shoot

Superstar Prabhas who is currently busy shooting the upcoming sci-fi saga Kalki 2898 AD will reportedly undergo knee surgery after complaining of persistent pain. He will take a break after wrapping up the film which also stars Deepika Padukone, Kamal Haasan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Disha Patani, to focus on his health.Directed by Nag Ashwin, read-more

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Chavvi Mital

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TV Actress Chhavi Mittal Diagnosed With Costochondritis After Cancer

Actor Chhavi Mittal, who braved breast cancer and fought back like a real hero last year, is now battling costochondritis. Taking to Instagram, Chhavi recently opened up about her diagnosis of costochondritis. "“Naya wali beemari layi hoon market mein [I am here with a new disease]. It's called costochondritis. Fancy no?, said Chhavi. Costochondritis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the… read-more

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Supreme Court

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SC Refuses To Entertain Plea In Large Scale Kidney Transplant Issue

The Supreme Court on July 28, refused to entertain a petition filed in 2019 by a two-year-old seeking a CBI or SIT investigation into complaints of "large-scale" and "well-organised" kidney transplant scam involving corporate hospitals in several states, saying courts cannot be "panacea" for all things wrong. A bench of Justices S K Kaul and Sudhanshu Dhulia said the court cannot be like an all-encompassing system trying to do everything.

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