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Watermelon, Cucumber Served To Animals To Beat Heat At Tanday Park: J&K

In Jammu and Kashmir's Tanday park, arrangments have been made for the animals to beat the scorching heat this summer. Reportedly, watermelon, cucumber and green fodder are served to the animals, along with 24 hour water supply. A forest guard also stated that they sprinkle water on the sheds to them cool them down. Tanday park is home to spotted deers, barking deers, a goral deer, reptiles and other animals.

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Wheat Export

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US Envoy Linda Greenfield Urges India To 'Reconsider' Ban On Wheat Export

US ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield has urged India to reconsider its export ban on wheat, stating that it'll worsen the ongoing food supply issue. Reportedly, Russia and Ukraine contribute to 30% of global wheat exports. Ukraine's ports have been shut due to the ongoing war, and Russian exports have been disturbed due to western sanctions. On India's defence, wheat production has been hit due to the heatwave. 

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Wheat Farming

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To Curb The Rise In Domestic Prices, India Bans Wheat Exports

India has suspended wheat exports with immediate effect as part of its efforts to contain rising domestic prices. The decision to limit wheat exports comes after a massive crop loss in March due to a heatwave. Inflation, which reached 7.79 percent in April, is also putting pressure on the government. According to government sources, China is importing food grains from India after crop losses caused food insecurity there.

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“Orange Alert In Delhi

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“Orange” Alert In Delhi, Warning Of Severe Heatwave Conditions: IMD

Delhi was hit by a heatwave on May 13, with temperatures reaching 46 degrees Celsius (°C). The India Meteorological Department issued an "orange" alert, indicating the possibility of a severe heatwave on May 14. The maximum temperature in Delhi might reach 45°C to 47°C. Meteorologists predict some reprieve over the weekend, with a new western disturbance likely to drop the temperature to approximately 41°C starting May 16. 

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Ministry Of Education

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Ministry Of Education Issues Guidelines For Schools To Tackle Heatwave

To prevent the negative impacts of the heatwave, the Ministry of Education issued a list of measures for schools on May 11 in areas such as transportation, health, food, classroom, and uniform. The everyday routine, as well as the school schedule, must be altered. School hours might be shortened, and classes can begin as early as 7 a.m. Furthermore, the suggestion that the school assembly be shortened was also made. 

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Odisha School Timings Revised Amid Heatwave

Schools in Odisha have reopened with revised timings, as per the state government instructions, thanks to concerns over ongoing heatwaves in the region. The Odisha education department announced on 1st May, "Keeping the current scenario of heatwave into consideration, the teaching hours for all schools have been rescheduled." The school hours in the state will now be from 6:00 AM till 9:00 AM.

Mon, 02 May 2022 - 07:29 PM / by Varun Das

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Orange Alert

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IMD Predicts Severe Heatwave In Delhi; Issues Orange Alert

According to the IMD, the maximum temperature in the national capital is expected to touch 42 degrees Celsius on April 10. "The frequency of intense heatwave conditions will be higher in April as compared to March. We expect the heatwave conditions to continue till April 15 in some parts," stated an official. Notably, Delhi recorded a high temperature in 72 years in the first half of April.


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Gujarat Heat

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Gujarat Experiences Record-breaking Heat Waves; IMD Issues Yellow Alert

Gujarat is likely to witness record-breaking heat waves, due to which, IMD issued yellow alert over the state. Earlier on March 16, Gujarat recorded a temperature of 40° Celsius, the highest in 20 years. Meanwhile, on March 15, Ahmedabad and Surendranagar recorded a maximum temperature of 41.5° and 41.7° Celsius, respectively. "There may be an increase in summer temperatures in Gujarat for the next few days," said Manorama Mohanty. 

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