Baan Organics and its founders
Baan Organics Beauty Products: 'Goodness' Of Himalayas At Your Doorstep

Here is Baan Organics! A company with one motive only - to make the "goodness and wholeness" of the Himalayas available at the doorstep for an affordable price. Baan Organics' beauty products are made with organic ingredients. With a wide range of creams, face packs and scrubs, Baan… read-more

Sun, 03 Oct 2021 - 09:23 PM / by Shibu Immanuel S

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Geothermal Power Plant

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India Eyes To Tap Geothermal Power Potential Of Ladakh

India is currently exploring the Himalayas for the possibility of geothermal power to reduce its dependency on oil and coal energy. Subsequently, experts have been eyeing to tap the renewable energy potential of Ladakh region. However, extensive studies into the environmental impact has been considered crucial to the project. Meanwhile, efforts are on towards harnessing the power from other renewable sources - solar and wind - as well.

Thu, 03 Jun 2021 - 09:25 AM / by Anvitha Shetty

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Sundelal Bahuguna

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Prominent Environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna Succumbed To COVID-19

Prominent environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna died from COVID-19 on May 21 in AIIMS Rishikesh. An activist for his whole life, it was Bahuguna with whose efforts former PM Indira Gandhi banned the cutting of trees. Remembered for the slogan “ecology is the permanent economy,” Bahuguna  dedicated his life towards the conservation of forests and Himalayan region. Bahuguna and his wife also came up with the non-violent Chipko movement for forest… read-more

Fri, 21 May 2021 - 04:45 PM / by Anvitha Shetty

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People climbing a snowy mountain


Nepal Urges Everest Climbers To Bring Back Empty Oxygen Cylinders

The Nepal Mountaineering Association on May 10 urged the Mt Everest climbers to bring back the empty oxygen cylinders for reuse. Experiencing the second COVID wave, Nepal is facing acute shortage of oxygen and cylinders. It is estimated that climbers and their Sherpa guides have carried nearly 3,500 oxygen cylinders during April- May. Reportedly, the cylinders are either left after the expeditions or they get buried under in avalanches.

Mon, 10 May 2021 - 08:30 PM / by Sohini Mandal

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Science Ministry Says Non-Uniform Himalayas May Cause Large Tremors

The Science Ministry has stated that non-uniformity of Himalayas' might lead to "significantly large earthquake events" in future. The study has revealed that the Himalayas have developed a crystal property, anisotropy, that results in causing earthquakes. Studying seismic activity of 167 earthquakes, it cited Indo-Eurasia collision, happening for the past 50 million years, as the reason behind anisotropy. Notably, the Climate Risk Index also… read-more

Sun, 11 Apr 2021 - 01:16 PM / by Nikita Thakur

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Pradeep Sangwan's ''Healing Himalayas Foundation'' For Clearing Plastic Waste Brings PM's Praise

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PM Lauds 35-Year-Old Man's Efforts To Clear Garbage In Himalayas

A 35-year-old Himachal Pradesh-based man has been praised by PM Narendra Modi for his attempts to clear garbage from the Himalayan region. Pradeep Sangwan, the founder of Healing Himalayas Foundation, has been removing the trash left by tourists in the area for the past four years. While thanking PM for bringing national attention to his works, Pradeep said, "It is very inspiring that prime minister acknowledges small efforts".

Sun, 27 Dec 2020 - 06:29 PM / by Archita chakraborty

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Black bear

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Himalayan Bears Turn Aggressive; Reduced Hibernation Periods To Blame

A study conducted by Zoological Survey of India in Kolkata has revealed that there have been behavioural changes in Himalayan Bears, turning them aggressive, leading to increased bear-human conflicts. Experts state drastic reduction in hibernation period from three-five months to 54 days as the cause for aggressiveness. The reduction is being attributed to climate changes and scanty snowfall. Experts from the zoological department stated that… read-more

Sat, 17 Oct 2020 - 03:01 PM / by Sneha Ramesh

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