Gyanvapi Mosque

Photo: The Indian Express

ASI Team Is In Gyanvapi Mosque Complex For Survey

The Gyanvapi Mosque survey started in the early morning of August 4, and a 41-member ASI team is conducting the survey. Notably, the conduct of the survey started a day after the Allahabad High Court upheld the verdict of the lower court which allowed the ASI team to conduct the survey of the mosque. As per sources, a group of Hindu organizations filed a plea seeking survey, claiming Hindu ancients.

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Hanuman Jayanti

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Hanuman Jayanti Procession Organized By Bajrang Dal In Hyderabad

Traffic police deployed and heavy restriction has been imposed in Hyderabad, amid the Hanuman Jayanti procession, organized by Bajrang Dal. On April 6, marking the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, the Dal organized a yatra, which is scheduled from 11:30 AM., and will cover a 12 km yatra, ending at 8;00 pm. Participated by devotees, the yatra will begin from Gowliguda and will conclude at Hanuman Temple at Tadbund.

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PM Modi-Anthony

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PM Modi Raises Hindu Temple Vandalism Issue With PM Anthony

PM Narendra Modi raised issue with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese the issue of recent attacks on temples in Australia. The matter came up for discussion during their wide-ranging dialogue that was aimed at expanding overall ties. In his media statement, Modi said it is a matter of regret that reports of attacks on temples have been coming regularly from Australia over the past few weeks, raising concerns.

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Hindu Temple Vandalised

Photo: The Times of India

Australia Reports Hindu Temple Vandalism Incident By Khalistanis

In Australia, another incident of Hindu temple vandalism was reported on March 4. Notably, Shree Laxmi Narayan Mandir (Temple) in Brisbane's Burbank suburb was vandalised by Khalistani groups, causing distress to the local Hindu community. This is the fifth attempt of vandalisation after various attempts earlier in January and February, confirmed local sources. The Hindu Human Rights Director, Sarah L. Gates claimed these attacks to terrorize… read-more

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Hindu Idol Vandalised

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14 Hindu Temple Idol Vandalized In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh's Thakurgaon region, unidentified people vandalized 14 Hindu Temples in the wee hours of February 5, confirmed local sources. Mr Barman, the general secretary of the upazila's Puja Celebration Council, said some of the idols were destroyed while some were found in pond waters along the temple sites. He added, "We are in the dark about their (culprits) identity but we want to bring them to justice after investigations".

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Hindu Temple In Dubai

Photo: The Times of India

Hindu Temple All Set For Inauguration In Dubai, Open To Public From Dussehra

In Dubai's Jabel Ali, a new Hindu Temple is all set to open on October 4, at the scheduled time of inauguration at 5:00 pm. The newly constructed temple is an extension of the existing years-old Sindhi Guru Darbar Temple, in the United Arab Emirates. As per the local media, people of all religious faith will be allowed in the temple, open to the public from October 5, Dussehra.

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Kudupu Temple

Photo: Karntaka News

Protest Erupted Over Muslim Trader Supplying Bananas To Temple: Mangaluru

Another Hindu-Muslim controversy erupted in the Kudupu district, Mangaluru, Karnataka. Notably, the right-wing people called for a protest against a Muslim trader, who has been given a contract to supply bananas to the Ananthapadmanabha temple in Kudupu. The contract was given to the lowest bidder, till June 30, 22. Moreover, taking the note of the situation, the temple authority assured to resolve the issue after June 30.

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Shiva temple

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Srinagar's Differently Able Muslim Father-Son Take Care Of Hindu Temple: J&K

In Jammu and Kashmir's Srinagar a Muslim father-son duo who are unable to hear and speak are setting a communal harmony example by taking care of Shiva temple. Nisar Ahmad Alai and his father are taking care of Gopi Tirith Temple for the past six years by cleaning the garden and temple premises. "It's a sign of Kashmir's brotherhood which is every citizen's moral responsibility," said local resident to ANI

Sun, 13 Feb 2022 - 05:13 PM / by Madhvi Jha

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Magh Mela Preparations

Photo: Navbharat Times

Magh Mela Preparations In Full Swing, Set To Begin From Jan 14

The preparations for the Magh Mela festival which is organized in the month of January in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh have started in full swing. This is a much-awaited event for the devotees who take the holy dip in Sangam from January 14. "There are 16 entry points for the mela. All the people involved in the mela have to be double vaccinated," SSP Rajeev N Mishra said to ANI

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Dhaka Metropolitan Police

Photo: Dhaka Tribune

Dhaka Police To Give Secutity To Hindu Temples: Communal Violence

Md Shafiqul Islam, the commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, on October 26 issued an order to tighten security at temples and other places of worship in the city to avert further communal violence. The decision was taken in a review meeting to discuss the recent anti-Hindu incidents in Bangladesh. Reportedly, police patrols have been enhanced at puja locations, and the cybercrime department has been directed to monitor social media.

Tue, 26 Oct 2021 - 02:28 PM / by Vidhi Jhunjhunwala

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