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India Slams Pakistan At UN Over Temple Vandalization Issue

Emphasising that India safeguards all religions, the Indian envoy at the UN, TS Tirumurti, slammed Islamabad government over the vandalization of Hindu Temples in Pakistan. During the UN meeting on January 21, Tirumurti also criticized Pakistan for selective implementation of laws… read-more

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Pakistan hindu temple demolished

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Pakistan SC Ask Govt To Restore Vandalised Temples In 2 Weeks

Hearing the Hindu temple vandalisation case, the Pakistan Supreme Court has directed the authorities to restore the Shri Paramhansji Maharaj’s Samadhi and the Krishna Dwara Mandir.  The Court ordered the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province government to complete the restoration in two weeks. Taking suo-motto cognizance of the case, the Court also said that the incident has brought “international shame to Pakistan.” Moreover, the SC also sought for… read-more

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Jagan Mohan Reddy

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Andhra CM Orders CID Probe In Lord Ram Idol Desecration Case

Calling the desecration of Lord Ram's idol "unfortunate", Andhra Pradesh CM Jaganmohan Reddy has directed the CID to investigate the matter. Ordering to install a new idol, he has also asked for restoration of the temple premises. Moreover, he criticised the opposition for "playing politics with god" and requested the BJP to cancel its January 5 Ramateertham protest against the desecration issue. Earlier on December 29, 2020, Lord Ram's… read-more

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Pakistan Police Arrest 10 More In Temple Attack Case; Total 55 Arrested

In the temple vandalisation case in Pakistan, the police have arrested 10 more people, taking the total arrest count to 55. Registering an FIR against 350 people, the authorities are looking for other offenders as well. Earlier on December 30, a mob led by leaders of radical religious party had vandalized and set ablaze the temple in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. While the attack was slammed by activists, India also conveyed its discontent… read-more

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Attack on Hindu temple

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Pakistan: Century-old Temple Set On Fire By Protesters

A century-old temple in Pakistan was set ablaze on December 30 after a mob turned a peaceful protest into a violent one. The incident happened in Pakistan's Karak district and was slammed by the country's Hindu community. Reportedly, the protest was against the expansion of the temple. According to police, the protestors gave "provocative speeches" that ignited the mob to attack. Nine people have been arrested in the case so far.

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Pakistan: Hindus Allowed To Build Long-stalled Krishna Temple

Pakistan's state-run Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has allowed Hindus to build the long-stalled Krishna Temple in Islamabad. The cleric council had earlier issued a fatwa against the construction after the Islamabad Hindu Panchayat approached the government with a demand of donation for building the temple. Lal Chand Malhi, the ruling party's assembly member, said that the temple premise will have a community centre and cremation ground… read-more

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1300-year-old Vishnu Temple Built By Hindu Shahis Unearthed In Pakistan

A 1300-year-old Hindu-temple has been unearthed during an excavation at Pakistan's Barikot Ghundai by a team of Pakistani and Italian archaeologists. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Archaeology Department official Fazle Khaliq stated that the temple was of God Vishnu. Besides, he guessed that the temple would have been built during the Hindu Shahi dynasty. The archaeologists have also found traces of cantonment, water tanks, and watchtowers at the… read-more

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Hindus protesting against government order to stop Temple's construction

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Pakistan: Religious Council Advises PM to Allow Construction of Hindu Temple in Islamabad

A cleric-council in Pakistan gave nod to construction of a temple in Islamabad and warned against utilisation of public funds for it’s construction. The decision came after PM Imran ordered to stop construction in June and asked cleric-council to take a call. Earlier, some radical-Muslims had threatened the government, calling it a 'blasphemy'. Currently there is only one temple in Islamabad for 3000 Hindus who abstain to visit the place… read-more

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Muslim Man Cleans The Ram Mindir Right Before Ram Navami

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Muslim Man has Taken Charge of Keeping the Ram Mandir Clean

Amidst all the religious clashes and chaos of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Saddam Hussein, a Bengaluru based man is making sure to keep the Ram Mandir clean for the upcoming Ram Navami festival. He finds peace in it, and cleaning the temple makes him feel good. He looks at all Hindus and Muslims as his brothers and has no qualms in working for the Temple.

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Hindu Temple construction
Pakistani Hate Song Goes Viral, Hindu Minorities Targeted

A new hate song referring to the Minority Hindus in Pakistan went viral on Social Media, soon after work on Islamabad's first Hindu Temple began earlier this month. The music video by an anonymous Pakistani has referred Hindus living in Pakistan as "Hindustani kutto" (Indian Dogs) and asked them to stay in their limits and said, "Awkat main raho". The Mandir construction was stopped by authorities, on July 5.

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