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Dwayne Johnson Not To Return To Future "Fast & Furious" Films

In an interview, actor Dwayne Johnson confirms that he will not be appearing in any future "Fast and Furious" movies. The actor said, "I wish them luck for fast 10 and 11, and all future fast and furious movies they do without me". Though the exact reason the actor's exit from the franchise is not known, a few mentioned that his feud with Vin Diesel could be the reason.

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Elizabeth Olsen

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"Doctor Strange 2" May Be MCU's Scariest Film, Says Elizabeth Olsen

Actress Elizabeth Olsen, who is best known for her role "Wanda Maximoff" in the MCU, has stated that "Doctor strange: In the multiverse of madness" will be the scariest movie of the MCU Universe. On hearing this, fans are hyped by Olsen's statement and are waiting to see what horror element marvel has planned for them. The film is scheduled to release on 25th March 2022.

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Robert Downey Sr

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Robert Downey Sr, Father Of Robert Downey Jr Dies At 85

Actor-filmmaker Robert Downey Sr, the father of actor Robert Downey Jr, passed away at the age of 85. Downey Sr. who was suffering from Parkinson's disease for over five years, succumbed to death in his sleep at his residence in New York. Downey Jr paid him tribute through Instagram saying, “He was a true maverick filmmaker, and remained remarkably optimistic throughout.” His notable films were Putney Swope and Greaser's Palace.

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Hunter B15

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Wunmi Wosaku Talks 'Marvel's Loki', Journey To Hollywood & More

Actress Wunmi Mosaku joins the MCU on Disney+ series; "Marvel's Loki". The actress previously appeared in DCEU's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". In an interview with Deadline's New Hollywood Podcast, the actress talked about her character on "Marvel's Loki" and said that "Hunter B15" is a tough high official of the "TVA" that abides by the rules and hunts down Variants.

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Richard Donner, the director dies at 91 years

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Superman Director-Producer Richard Donner Dies At 91

Director-producer Richard Donner, best known for helming the “Lethal Weapon”, “The Goonies” and the original “Superman”, passed away on July 5. The 91-year-old director was born in New York and later joined the US military. Other films by Richard include the 1976 horror masterpiece 'The Omen', Scrooged (1988), and '16 Blocks' in 2006. Actor Sean Astin, a star in Goonies said, “Richard Donner had the biggest, boomiest voice you could… read-more

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S Women Cast Reunite For US Independence Day

Jennifer Aniston was seen, together with longtime buddy Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox, celebrating the 145th US Independence Day on July 4. The "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" actresses wished everyone a Happy Holiday on Instagram while sporting their stunning smiles. According to reports, the famous trio took a photo on the beach, with Kudrow wearing a straw hat and Aniston wearing sunglasses on her head. Cox captioned the photo, "Happy 4th! xoxo."

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Sophia Di Martino

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Sophia Di Martino's Loki Outfit Refashioned, Lets Her Breastfeed

Loki Actress Sophia Di Martino revealed her costume for her character Sylvie that was designed to support her as a new mother. She took to Instagram to share her gratitude towards the costume designer, Christine Wada who included a “concealed zipper” to allow her to breastfeed her child amidst shoots. “It’s little (big) things like this that made it possible for me to do my job AND be a parent. I’m forever grateful,” she posted. 

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Chris Patt

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Chris Pratt's "The Tomorrow Man": A Decent Summer Sci-Fi

Chris Pratt starrer "The Tomorrow War", a war that happens in 2051, is finally streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and fans around the world are impressed. However, many find the first half of the film is a drag, it eventually won many hearts with its nostalgic storyline about family, striking creature design, and action. While the film has been compared to "Edge of Tomorrow", the movie has become a decent summer sci-fi action blockbuster. 

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The Flash Cast

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The Flash: Original Cast Members Sign Up For Season 8

Flash’s Original Stars like Jesse L.Martin, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabaker have signed new deals with warner bros, as their contracts were about to expire after the season. Along with the original stars, actors like Brandon M & Kayala C will make a return for season 8, which is set to premiere on Nov 16. Meanwhile, actors like Carlos V & Tom C have departed from the franchise.

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Paris Hilton

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Playing Music Has Always Been My Superpower: Paris Hilton

Socialite and entrepreneur, Paris Hilton, expressed her fondness for DJing over Instagram. In a solid electric blue outfit with shades and headphones she posted a picture saying, “When I first decided to learn to DJ, I simply followed my passion, my love for music, and the joy and energy I felt being able to light up a room." Hilton added that playing music and performing has always been her superpower.… read-more

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