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UNDP & World Bank Sign Agreement For USD 20 Million To Assist Afghanistan

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and World Bank registered a USD 20 million collaboration agreement to promote humanitarian development projects in Afghanistan. According to UNDP release, the new cooperation would assist NGO/CSOs with personalized capacity building inside their work environment and support their Quick Impact Projects (QIPs). QIPs will attempt to improve access to health, education, agriculture and food security,… read-more

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HLC Grants Additional Central Assistance Under NDRF To Drought-hit Rajasthan, Nagaland

High-Level Committee (HLC) sanctioned extra Central assistance on June 16 under National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) for drought-affected Rajasthan and Nagaland. HLC authorized an extra Rs 1,043.23 crore from NDRF for the two states, with Rs 1,003.95 crore for Rajasthan and Rs 39.28 crore for Nagaland. This extra help is in addition to the cash previously provided under the State Disaster Response Funds (SDRF) from the Centre. 

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UNICEF Appeals For USD 25 Million For Sri Lankan Children

Sri Lanka's crippling crisis has left almost half of the country's children in need of humanitarian help. United Nations is urging governments to respond to the most vulnerable people's urgent needs within the next four months. On June 11, United Nations Children's Fund requested USD 25.3 million in order to provide nourishment, healthcare, safe drinking water, education, and mental health services to 1.7 million vulnerable children in Sri… read-more

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