Hurricane Fiona

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Hurricane Fiona: Cuts Out Power In Puerto Rico, Causes Landfall & Flooding

Hurricane Fiona has caused landfalls, landslides and floods in Puerto Rico, before making its way toward the Dominican Republic, informed a government official. The hurricane knocked out power in major parts of the island. The National Hurricane Centre (NHC) termed Hurricane Fiona as a Category 1 Hurricane, with wind speeds reaching 140 kmph. The NHC further stated that the hurricane caused “catastrophic flooding” on September 18. 

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Pinar del Rio, Hurricane Ida

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Hurricane Ida: Over 10,000 Evacuated In Cuba's Pinar Del Rio

As per media reports, more than 10,000 people have been evacuated from Pinar del Rio, a province in western Cuba, due to Ida Hurricane. Isla de la Juventud has been struck by the hurricane. The extent of the damage is yet to be determined, and no casualties have been reported. About 10,471 people have been evacuated so far and have been stationed at residential homes and evacuation facilities.

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Hurricane Lota to bring catastrophic damage

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Category 5 Hurricane 'Iota' Makes A Landfall At Nicargua After Huge Storm

Hurricane 'Iota' hit Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast on November 16 evening after weeks long storms. A category 5 hurricane in sea, with 260kmph winds was recorded as category 4 when made a landfall. Iota, the strongest Atlantic hurricane of the year became the only Category 5 hurricane after 1932. While Honduras, Guatemala and Nicargua had already evacuated it residents the storms struck the city region with heavy downpours and loss of property… read-more

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Rescue work after Hurricane Delta hit essential services

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Category 2 Hurricane 'Delta' Hits Louisiana; No Casualties Reported

With 155 kmph strong winds, Hurricane Delta made a landfall in south-western Louisiana causing destruction of properties. However, no casualties have been reported yet. The authorities warned people not to go on streets on October 10 as sea-storms along Louisiana Coast were forecasted. Reportedly, Delta hit the region that was already devastated by Hurricane Laura, which killed 27 people, in August.

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Hurricane Sally to hit the US Gulf Coast

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Trophical Hurricane 'Sally' to Hit the U.S. Gulf Coast: NHC

The National Hurricane Centre (NHC) said that the tropical storm 'Sally' has become a category 2 hurricane bringing dangerous storms and high winds in the U.S. Gulf Coast after hitting Florida. The storm has destroyed the oil production in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. According to the NHC Miami, the hurricane will approach the north-central Gulf Coast on September 14 or 15. 

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Tropical Storm, Laura has made landfall on US Coast

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Hurricanes Head Toward US Gulf Coast; Over 1000 Residents Evacuated

Over 1000 coastal residents in Louisiana and Cuba were evacuated on August 23 as the Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura reached the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. While Marco is expected to hit Louisiana on August 24, Laura might strike Texas or Louisiana on August 27. The authorities are hoping that the… read-more

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