Spring Fest 2023

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IIT Kharagpur Concludes Its Extravaganza Mega Cultural Spring Fest 23

IIT Kharagpur successfully concluded its 64th edition of Spring Fest 2023. The fest was entertaining with events in genres like dance, music, art, panel discussion, quiz and several other events. Sponsored by Royal Enfield, Paytm, Jio and other brands, the fest witnessed a massive footfall of over 50,000 audiences and the participation of over 200 Indian colleges. The event is said to be a historic fest amongst Indian colleges.

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Spring Fest 2023

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IIT Kharagpur Is All Set For Thrilling 4-Day Spring Fest

Awaited cultural fest of IIT Kharagpur is all set to kickstart from January 26-January 29. The 4-day 'Spring Fest-2023', Asia's most prominent and the largest college fest in IIT will witness an enthusiastic audience, participants from over 800 colleges and approximately 130 events, including dance, music, drama, fashion, and many other shows. The highlight of this 4-day fest would be prominent names from entertainment including Sunidhi… read-more

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IIT Kharagpur Spring Fest Announces Social Initiative 2023: PUKKAR

Along with the melange of various cultural arts, yearly Spring Fest comes up with a unique social initiative, understanding its responsibility towards the betterment of society. Every year the fest we aim at a social cause and strives to resolve it to its fullest. We read-more

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Several Islands At Lakshadweep To Disappear By 2035, Study Reveals

A study conducted by IIT Kharagpur reveals that several islands of the Lakshadweep archipelago may extinct by 2035, due to the steadily rising sea levels. The study urges the importance of shifting population to a safest island in order to avoid the loss of lives. However, it is expected that the island's capital Kavaratti may also get affected. Besides, It is projected that ''70-80 percent land loss in many islands.'' 

Mon, 21 Jun 2021 - 10:56 AM / by Sohini Mandal

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Ground Water

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20% Indian Land Has Toxic Level Of Arsenic In Groundwater: IIT Study

An IIT-Kharagpur report pointed out that around 20% of Indian land has a toxic level of arsenic in its groundwater. The AI-based prediction stated that over 250 million people were exposed to its toxicity, which is potent enough to cause cancer and skin lesion. Moreover, the study exhibited most concentration in areas surrounding Indus-Ganga-Brahmaputra basin. Besides, it suggested a rigorous sampling by the government as records were found… read-more

Thu, 11 Feb 2021 - 06:23 PM / by Ronit John

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IIT Kharagpur develops UAV

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IIT Kharagpur Researchers Build 5G-equipped Drone For No Network Area

IIT Kharagpur researchers have devised 5G infrastructure-equipped drones, which can function as airborne mobile telecommunication towers. Capable to perform in zero network areas by switching the location, the drones can also yield rescue-based services by reaching out to survivors at a disaster-affected location in less time. They restore the services by relaying data to rescue servers located far away from the distress area. The researchers… read-more

Fri, 08 Jan 2021 - 08:30 AM / by Ashly Ann Varghese

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COVIRAP developed by researchers at IIT Kharagpur

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IMCR Approves IIT Kharagpur's 'COVIRAP' For Cheaper Coronavirus Testing

The Indian Council for Medical Research has approved 'COVIRAP,' a low-cost portable-machine for COVID detection, developed by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. The unit will help to diagnose coronavirus without a lab-setup and provide reliable as well as accurate results in less than an hour at a cost of less than Rs 500. Reportedly, the kit can also check other diseases like… read-more

Thu, 22 Oct 2020 - 01:59 AM / by Debanshi Das

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