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Natural Immunity Overpowered Vaccines During Delta Wave In USA: Study

People who were unvaccinated but survived COVID-19 were better protected than those who were vaccinated and not previously infected, suggested a Study. The analysis was also carried out during the Delta variant infection among 1 million people, who tested positive in New York and California, between May 30 to November 30, 2021. The unvaccinated people are at higher risk compared to vaccinated people, said the authors of the research.

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A boy drinking milk

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Drinking Raw Milk Isn't Healthy: Food and Drug Administration

As we all know that milk contains protein, calcium, nutrients, and enzymes but a question surely arises whether raw milk is good or boiled milk. According to Food and Drug Administration (USA), people should drink boiled milk because raw milk can ''cause food poisoning''. Also, raw milk includes many disadvantages such as it can harm those with weak immunity, infect deadly diseases and also increase acidity in the body.    

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Butter (left); Ghee (right).

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Health Expert Clarifies Differences Between Ghee, Butter

Explaining differences between ghee and butter, Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Aiswarya Santhosh said that ghee is clarified butter made by separating milk solids, fat, water etc. She said while ghee improves memory, digestion, metabolism and immunity, butter improves complexion and strength besides helping in case of coughing and haemorrhoids. She also suggested that ghee can be consumed even by lactose intolerants. However, she advised to avoid… read-more

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Ayurveda Suggests 5 Herbs To Boost Immunity In Children

Kaumarbhritya (Ayurvedic branch for child care) suggests five key ayurvedic herbs to boost immunity in children during the pandemic. First is vitamin-rich Tulsi for its medicinal uses, which is to reduce fever and cure common cold and cough. Consumption of turmeric is also recommended for its anti-cancer properties. Besides, intake of ashwagandha improves immunity and muscle strength. Nutrition-rich Amla and giloy also serve as excellent… read-more

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Ayush Ministry Suggests Ayurvedic Ways To Strengthen Immunity

The Ayush Ministry on May 2 advised consuming lukewarm water, amla products, 20gm chavanprash and drinking turmeric milk per day for better immunity and keeping COVID infections at bay. As for Ayurveda procedures, it advised applying sesame/coconut oil or cow ghee in both nostrils with steam inhalation of pudina water. Besides, consuming clove/mulethi powder with honey to treat cough is also advised. The instructions also included yoga and… read-more

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Expert Suggest Vitamin Supplements, More Protein For Healthy, Shiny Hair

To have healthy, shiny hair and prevent hair loss, diabetes educator Rashi Chowdhary recommends several supplements and lifestyle changes. Rashi recommends taking zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, and iron supplements at a doctor's consultation. She also advised consuming turmeric and anti-inflammatory herbs like ginger, mint, amla for increased immunity and at least 20% protein intake in the diet. The nutritionist also suggested to avoid… read-more

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Fatality rates indicate the virus is more infectious and less lethal

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Experts say that Covid-19 is less lethal but more infectious.

An in-depth analysis of the current fatality rates in the COVID-19 hit states claims the virus to be more infectious but not as deadly as before. Reportedly, the reduced fatality rates are because more youngsters are being affected with the virus than elderly people due to the vaccination drives. Notably, the trajectory of the virus was anticipated by many experts and epidemiologists much earlier.

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Nutritionist Suggests Radish For Improved Immunity, Skin, Heart Health

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwala advises to include radish in winter-diet for its numerous benefits, including properties to cure cough and cold. Munmun says, adding radish in everyday diet enhances skin glow along with boosting immunity. Loaded with vitamins like A, C, E, B6, and potassium, radish also helps in managing blood pressure, liver function and heart health. The low levels of carbohydrates and glycemic index makes radishes beneficial… read-more

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Vitamin C and COVID-19

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Zinc, Vitamin-C May Not Help Fight COVID-19: Claims JAMA Research

Consumption of Zinc and Vitamin-C has no relation with COVID-19 recovery or attenuating its symptoms, suggested a study of JAMA Network Open. The research also busted the myth that the consumption provides an immediate kick-start immunity boost. However, the study opined that they are helpful in fighting infection but linking them with COVID-19 is a wrong notion. Moreover, the researchers suggested people to include fruits, vegetables, nuts,… read-more

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Indians Purchased 500 Cr Zinc, Vit-C Supplements In 2020

According to the report published by All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD), Indians have bought over 500 crore pills of Vitamin C and Zinc Supplements in 2020 to fight COVID-19. Reportedly, the sales of Vitamin C supplements grew by 110% against 4.7% in 2019. Besides, common supplement Zincovit has reported an increase in sales by 93%. Additionally, the overall sales of the multivitamin and mineral category grew to 300… read-more

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