Representational photo: Cotton stored in bags.

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Pakistan Likely To Import Cotton From India Due To Shortfall

Recent media reports have revealed that Pakistan may allow cotton imports from India this week as a measure to restore bilateral trade. Reportedly, Pakistan is facing a shortage of cotton, which was taken to the cognisance of PM Imran Khan. Once approved, a formal order would be presented before the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet. Recently, India and Pakistan had agreed to a ceasefire agreement on February 25.

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Pak Pm Imran Khan; Indian PM Narendra Modi.

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India Lends Its Air Space To Pak PM Imran Khan For His Sri Lanka Visit

India on February 22 allowed Pakistani PM Imran Khan to use the Indian air-space for his two-day visit to Sri Lanka. Pakistan had requested for the permission 10 days earlier under a protocol wherein government heads passing through alien air-space alert the countries concerned in advance. Notably, Pakistan had previously denied permission for air-space usage to President Ram Nath Kovind once, and to PM Narendra Modi twice in 2019.

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Blackout in Pakistan

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National Power Grid Fails In Pakistan; Cities Plunge Into Darkness

In the late hours of January 9, several cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, tumbled into darkness due to a massive blackout. The country's Power Minister Ayub Khan informed that "a sudden plunge in the frequency in the power transmission system" at Guddu grid in Sindh caused the blackout. While it affected mobile, internet and airport operations, #blackout trended on Twitter in both Pakistan and India with… read-more

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India and Pakistan Flag

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India Opposes Pakistan's Move To Accord Provincial Status To Gilgit-Baltistan

India slammed Pakistan on November 1 after the latter accorded provincial status to Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). Calling the region as its integral part, India asserted that Pakistan does not hold any authority over GB since Pakistan had occupied the area "illegally and forcibly". Pakistan has also announced to conduct elections in Gilgit-Baltistan, which was governed earlier by special order. However, Pakistan government is facing domestic… read-more

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Hindus protesting against government order to stop Temple's construction

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Pakistan: Religious Council Advises PM to Allow Construction of Hindu Temple in Islamabad

A cleric-council in Pakistan gave nod to construction of a temple in Islamabad and warned against utilisation of public funds for it’s construction. The decision came after PM Imran ordered to stop construction in June and asked cleric-council to take a call. Earlier, some radical-Muslims had threatened the government, calling it a 'blasphemy'. Currently there is only one temple in Islamabad for 3000 Hindus who abstain to visit the place… read-more

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Imran Khan

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Imran Writes To Leaders of Muslim Countries Urging Them To Oppose Islamophobia

In a bid to bring together all the Muslim nations against Islamophobia, Pakistan PM Imran Khan has written to the leaders of Muslim Countries on October 28. The letter came as a result of the French President's remarks on the killing of a teacher for showing his students cartoons of the Prophet. Khan also accused European Countries of discrimination against Muslims and said that they restrain Muslim women from following their choice of… read-more

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Imran Khan

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Growing Islamophobia On Facebook Is Fostering Extremism: Pak PM Imran

Stating that "growing Islamophobia" is fostering extremism, Pakistan's PM Imran Khan urged Facebook to ban contents that spread hate against Islam. Khan said, "I would urge you to put a similar ban on Islamophobia the way you have set up for Holocaust." He also said that Islam was being portrayed as terrorism is France. However, Facebook, in response, has said that the company never entertains hate comments.

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pakistan protests


Pakistan Democratic Movement Begins Protest Against PM Imran Khan

Members of nine political parties of 'Pakistan Democratic Movement' began their protest on October 16 against the country's PM Imran Khan and his government. Reportedly, the opposition accused the PM of getting in power with the support of the military through an "rigged" 2018 elections. However, Imran Khan denied the accusations and said they are trying to create political pressure so that the corruption charges against opposition leaders… read-more

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Maulana Fazlur rehman

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Pakistan's Anti-govt Alliance Appoints Maulana Fazlur Rehman As President

Pakistan’s anti-government alliance, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), has appointed politician Maulana Fazlur Rehman as it’s first president. Rehman was prioritised by the coalition for his last year’s demonstration against PM Imran Khan. Also, in an earlier meeting, the alliance denied Imran Khan’s statement regarding its link with Indian government. At the meeting, Rehman’s name was proposed by former PM Nawaz Sharif, and was agreed… read-more

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Nawaz Sharif

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UK Declines To Help Pakistan on Former PM Nawaz Sharif's Arrest Warrant

Pakistan failed to retrieve its former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from the British government, after his visit to London. Sharif had been permitted to visit UK on the medical terms but failed to return, even after a non-bailable warrant was issued. The British Government has refused to help, stating that it does not want to involve in the "internal politics". Earlier, Pakistan PM Imran Khan had directed the officials to expedite the process… read-more

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