US President Joe Biden

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US To Help India & Other Nations To Produce Covid-19 Vaccines

President Joe Biden has said that the United States is committed to helping India and other democratic nations to produce Covid-19 vaccines in their country itself to combat the pandemic. Biden assured that the US is committed to providing half a billion doses to the world. He also enunciated that "we're not charging anybody anything. And we're trying to do as much as we possibly can,” in regards to vaccine production.

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Piyush Goyal

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Government Framing Standards For Services Sector: Piyush Goyal

During the IACC-NIC's second Indo-US Services Summit, commerce, and industry minister Piyush Goyal said that India is constructing "standards" for the service sector so that it can provide better and high-quality services to the rest of the world. He added that India and US trade relations will be an important factor in their relationship. Besides, sectors like healthcare, home delivery, telecom, and technology are also progressing rapidly.… read-more

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India-US virtual meet

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India To Host Indio-Pacific Business Forum Virtual Meet With US

According to the state department, to encourage government and business cooperation throughout the region, India and the US will co-host a virtual Indo-Pacific Business Forum meeting. Reportedly, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Indian Industry, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and the US-ASEAN Business Council (USABC) will come together in the fourth meeting that will take place on October 28 and 29… read-more

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Antony J Blinken

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US Secretary Of State Antony J Blinken To Visit India Next Week

Antony J Blinken, US Secretary of State will visit India next week to lay the foundation for the first in-person Quad leaders' meeting and India-US 2+2 meeting later this year. Human rights and democracy will also be discussed with the Indian officials. “Bilateral discussions with our Indian partners will focus on expanding our security, defense, cyber, and counter-terrorism cooperation," said Dean Thompson, Acting Assistant Secretary of… read-more

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India-US economic relations

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'India Is A Challenging Place For Business': US State Department

The US has said that India "remains a challenging place" to do business. In its 2021 Investment Climate Statements report, the country's state department urged the Indian government to reduce barriers and bureaucratic hurdles for easy and attractive investment in the country. The report further mentioned the removal of constitutional status from Jammu and Kashmir and the process of the Citizenship Amendment Law.

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Indian and Chinese flag

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US Warship Intrusion: Chinese Media Asks India To Re-Evaluate Ties With US

Days after subduing response from India over US warship trespass in India's Exclusive Economic Zone on April 7, the Chinese media urged India to re-evaluate relations with the US. While Pentagon deemed the US's actions to be valid under freedom of navigation, India expressed distaste and reported the matter through diplomatic channels. However, the US has not yet approved the United Nations Law of the Sea.

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A ship

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US Navy Ship Enters India's EEZ Without Permission; Pentagon Defends US

US navy ship asserted navigational rights in India's Exclusive Economic Zone off the coast of Lakshadweep without prior consent, stated the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on April 7. This was done to challenge India's "excessive maritime claims". Pentagon stated, "that's consistent with the international law". Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said it's the responsibility of the US to uphold freedom of navigation, rights and lawful uses… read-more

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China Expresses Anger On US, Asks Not To Meddle In Sino-Indian Issue

The Chinese ambassador to India, Sun Weidong, on January 6 expressed his anger towards the remarks made by outgoing US envoy Kenneth Juster on India-China border tension. Sun told the US to stop interfering in the India-China border issue. In his farewell speech, Kenneth Juster had stated that the US has contributed significantly towards the security of India and its people against the Chinese aggression along the border. 

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India-US ties hardly to effect on US-India relationship

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Indian Foreign Secretary Says US Election Results Will Not Impact India-US Ties

Foreign secretary Harsh Shringla in an interview stated that Democratic candidate for the US elections Joe Biden has made it clear that he values the India-US relationship. He added that the outcome of the election is not likely to impact the ties between the two countries. He further mentioned that PM Modi had maintained similar bonds with former US President Barack Obama and both the countries share the same strategic vision. 

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Trump says the first family is in love with Indians

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US President Donald Trump Says 'First Family' Loves India

US President Donald Trump told that the 'First Family' thinks a lot about India and is in love with Indians. Trump was answering to a reporter at the White House who asked if the President's campaign would reach out to Indian-Americans. He said, "They [Kimberly, Donald Trump Jr, and Ivanka] are very good young people. And I know their relationship to India is very good and so is mine."

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