Doctor leaves patient midway

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Doctor Leaves Operation Midway After Dispute Over Tea, Investigation Launched

In a shocking report from Nagpur, a doctor of government hospital allegedly left sterilization operation of women midway. What is bizarre is that Dr. Tejrang Bhalavi was scheduled to perform surgery on eight women, for family planning. However, he had dispute with the hospital staff over a cup of tea after conducting four women's operations. He then, left the remaining women in operation theater. An investigation is ordered against doctor.… read-more

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Bengaluru govt officer-driver kiran suspected murderer

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Bengaluru Govt Officer Murder: Police Arrest Former Driver, Investigation Underway

Moving ahead with the investigation of the Bengaluru government officer Prathima (37) murder, police have made a breakthrough and arrested one. The arrested suspect is identified as Kiran, the former driver of the department in which the officer worked in. Kiran was in radar of police, as he had been absconding since the crime was reported. He was detained from Chamarajanagar. He is expected to question by police, for further investigation.… read-more

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Rajasthan Accident

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Tragic Accident In Rajasthan Kills 4, Over 30 Injured

In Rajasthan, a tragic accident was reported in which at least four people were killed and over 30 injured. On November 6, at 2:15 am, a bus fell on the railway track, allegedly after the driver lost control of the bus as he fell asleep while driving. Immediately after receiving information of the accident, the concerned official rushed to the spot. An investigation into the matter is underway.

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United States Police

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US: 24 Year Old Indian Student Stabbed, In Critical Condition

A 24-year-old Indian student has been stabbed in the US States of Indiana, and is in a critical condition, confirmed sources. Varun was stabbed with a knife into the temple by the assailant Jordan Andrad, 24, at a public gym in the Valparaiso city of Indiana on Sunday morning for reasons that the authorities are still investigating. The attacker was arrested and is facing attempt to murder charges.

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Kerala Explosions

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4 IEDs Used in Kerala Blast, Accused Learnt Bomb-Making Online: Kerala Blast

In Kerala Blast, four IEDs were used in the multiple explosions that rocked a Jehovah’s Witnesses’ gathering in Kalamassery area of Kerala’s Ernakulam district on Sunday morning, killing three people. On October 30, initial forensic analysis, were made of low-grade explosives and petrol was used to make it an incendiary device, officials said.  batteries, wires, circuits and mobile phones were also recorded affter the investigation in… read-more

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Police attacked

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Bihar Crime: Assailants Shot Police Officer, CCTV Video Goes Viral

In a shocking incident, a police constable was shot dead by bike-borne assailants in Bihar's Vaishali district. According to an eyewitness, the incident took place when Amitabh Kumar, posted at Sarai police station, was checking vehicles near UCO bank at Sarai Bazar Chowk on October 16. As per an eyewitness, "one of the miscreants opened fire on the police team." This is second incident of police being target.

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R&AW Issues Guidance To Agencies, Raises Concern On Chinese Operations In India

India's external intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW), also known as the Special Bureau, has recently raised an alarm by sharing critical intelligence regarding Chinese operations in India. This was further corroborated by the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) during a security review meeting. The FPJ has successfully accessed the minutes of the meeting, which contained details of the Chinese operation.

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Family Of 5 Members Killed In Gas Cylinder Leakage Incident In Punjab's Jalandhar

In Punjab's Jalandhar, a tragedy unfolded, killing five members of a family. Notably, on the night of October 8, a gas cylinder leakage occurred, which resulted in the tragic killing. Investigating officer, Hardev Singh said that a refrigerator explosion was to blame for the gas cylinder fire. The gases reduced by the blast were inhaled by the people, leaving family members' inhalation of toxic gases and their death.

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CBI Takes Over Corruption Into CBFC Case, Starts Investigation

The CBI has lodged an FIR against three persons and unidentified officials of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) on the allegations of actor Vishal that he had to pay Rs 6.5 lakh to get a certificate for his film "Mark Antony", officials said on October 5. The action was followed by searches at four locations in Mumbai, including the premises of the FIR-named accused persons.

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Vijay- CBFC
Investigation Into Corruption Allegations Of Vijay Against CBFC Underway

Amid corruption allegations by actor Vishal who said the producers had to pay Rs 6.5 lakh to the representatives of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to get his film ‘Mark Antony’ certified in theatres, the board issued a statement. The board said today “Immediate cognizance of the feedback has been taken, and the issue is being investigated with immense gravity. The matter is being investigated.

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