Founder and CEO of Softbank Masayoshi Son

Photo: VCCircle

Softbank Founder Cautions Startups, Unicorns To Prepare For Challenging Fundraising Winter

Founder and CEO of Japanese investment firm Softbank, Masayoshi Son, cautioned unicorns and startups to brace themselves for a hard fundraising winter. Son stated that unicorn executives "still believe in their valuations and they wouldn't accept that they may have to see their valuations go lower than they think." The winter for publicly-traded firms is still… read-more

Wed, 10 Aug 2022 - 01:05 PM / by Vidhi Jhunjhunwala

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Floating House

Photo: Sakshi

Japanese Firm Designs 'Flood-Resistant' Floating Houses

"Ichijo Komuten," Japanese housing construction corporation, claims to have designed a floating house that would assist flood-prone countries handle their problems. The structure of the house is peculiar because it is waterproof, and as the water level rises, it begins to float. The company said, “Electric things have been installed upwards, so that water does not reach there. The house can float at a height of up to 5 meters."

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Japanese Online Market

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MAIN Japanese Store Launches In India, Provides Sushi Ingredients

Daily Need Exim Pvt Ltd announced the launch of a main online shop, "MAIN" which specializes in Japanese dishes. The shop that exports products from Japan is the first, which provides ingredients for Sushi-grade fishes, "Bluefin-Tune". It will also provide seasoning essentials for food from Japan, to Indians. While Doorstep Japanese is famous for its cuisine, the MAIN, supplies ingredients, allowing people to make Japanese… read-more

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Fishing boats go searching for missing tour boat.

Photo: Kyodo News via AP

9 People Found From Missing Japan Tour Boat, Says Coast Guard

Nine people from the Japanese tour boat, which recently went missing with 26 people on board, have finally been found. The people were rescued near the tip of Cape Shiretoko. While four were found in an unconscious state, the details about the rest are still awaited. Reportedly, there were as many as 24 passengers and two crew members on board when the boat went missing. Rescue operations are still underway.

Sun, 24 Apr 2022 - 12:40 PM / by Varun Das

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Photo: Carl Court/ Getty Images

Japan Witnesses Biggest Population Drop On Record

Japan saw a massive drop in population in 2021 as the number dropped by 6,44,000. It is the biggest decline ever recorded in Japanese history. The population in Japan has been dipping for eleven years straight, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The ministry explained that the deaths outnumbered the births, and the number of citizens leaving the country was greater than those immigrating to Japan.

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Streets of Japan

Photo: NY Times

Japanese Fears China's Invasion To Taiwan

According to a poll conducted by Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun with the Centre of Social Research, there is a 90% chance of potential China's invasion in Taiwan. The poll conducted on March 19, was done sending messages to random numbers. Almost 1,040 Japanese participated, of which 46% said they were "extremely concerned" with the threats towards Japan and 41% were "somewhat concerned". The poll was conducted after… read-more

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Akane Yamaguchi

Photo: News 18

Japanese Shuttler Akane Yamaguchi Wins BWF Finals 2021

Japanese Shuttler Akane Yamaguchi won Women's Singles title in BWF Championship, on December 19. She defeated Chinese player Tai Tzu Ying, and scored 14-21, 11-21 in a 39-minute match. This was the first time, Akane Yamaguchi won the title at the BWF Championship, which started on December 12. The BWF World Championship, held in Huelva, Spain, concluded on December 19.

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Jayant Sathe

Photo: Big News Network

86-Year-Old Man Quits Job In His Quinquagenarian Age To Follow Passion

Jayant Sathe hailing from Maharashtra's Pune has been making ceramic dolls for almost 30 years. Originally an engineer, the 86-year-old man left his job at 55 and got into what he always wanted to do, art. He specifically learned Japanese dollmaking and started creating Japanese and Indian dolls. "The inspiration came to me to make handmade dolls after I came across Chinese-made Japanese dolls in Mumbai," he stated.

Sat, 21 Aug 2021 - 04:27 PM / by Aditi Chavan

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Photo: FuelCellWorks

Toyota Promotes Clean Energy; Develops Fuel Cell System Component

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation has launched a product that eyes to package fuel cell (FC) systems. Aimed at promoting optimum utilisation of hydrogen, the company is targeting to reduce CO2 emission to achieve carbon neutrality as it plans to sell the FC to other automakers. Moreover, Toyota has launched its hydrogen fuel vehicle series to promote clean energy while allowing royalty-free use of its FCEV-related patent… read-more

Sun, 28 Feb 2021 - 06:46 PM / by Ronit John

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Naomi Osaka's Manga Character

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Japan's Tennis Player Naomi Osaka To Star In Manga Comic Book Series

Japanese tennis ace player Naomi Osaka is set to star as a cartoon character in a new manga comic book series. The three-time grand slam winner's new manga, titled "Unrivalled Naomi Tenkaichi", will be published in the Nakayosi magazine issue on December 28. "Growing up reading manga/watching anime was something that bonded me and my sister immensely so this is really exciting for both of us," tweeted Osaka.

Mon, 30 Nov 2020 - 05:50 PM / by Dharshana Vijayan

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