Jerusalem Attack

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Gunman Opened Fire At Jerusalem Bus In Early Hours, 8 Wounded

In the early hours of August 14, a gunman opened fire at a bus near Jerusalem's Old City. In the attack, eight Israelis were wounded, of which two are in critical condition, being treated at an Israeli hospital.  The attack is suspected by Palestinians after violence flared up between Israel and militants in Gaza. Israeli police forces were dispatched to the scene to begin investigations in the attack.

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Synthetic Rat Embryo

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Synthetic Mouse Embryo Created In Lab, Without Using Egg & Sperm Procedure: Israel

A lab in Israel has claimed to have created a synthetic mouse embryo, without eggs and sperm procedure. The lab claims to have created the embryo synthetically, using stem cell procedure. Hanna, a researcher, said that the procedure one day will be used to create artificial human embryo-like structures. "The embryo made had a beating heart, brain-like and intestine-like structure," said Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour.

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Al-Aqsa Mosque

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Palestinians Throw Stones At Israeli Police In Jerusalem; 152 Injured In Clash, 100 Arrested

A group of Palestinians instigated a clash with the Israeli police, as they started pelting stones at the officials, on April 15. The incident occurred in the Al-Aqsa mosque compound at Jerusalem. Reportedly, over 152 Palestinians sustained injuries in the clash, and "hundreds" of suspects have been arrested. Also, Palestinian men who wore masks and wielded Hamas flags, injured at least three police officials, reported PTI.

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First case of Polio in Israel

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Israel Ministry Of Health Detects 1st Polio Case Since 1989

The Israeli Ministry of Health has detected the first polio case in a four-year-old child in Jerusalem since 1989. Reportedly, the child was not vaccinated as per routine vaccination done in Israel. However, the health administration is in constant contact with the child and his family. "The resurgence of the wild poliovirus in Malawi is cause for serious concern, said Rudolf Schwenk, head of UN children. 

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An Israeli Archaeologist in Jerusalem

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Israeli Archaeologists Find 2,700-Year-Old Toilet In Jerusalem

The archaeologists of Israel have found a 2,700-year-old private toilet in Jerusalem, authorities said on October 5. The ancient toilet was discovered in a rectangular cabin and was made after craving limestone which was part of a sprawling mansion. The excavation director Yaakov Billig said, ''Only the rich could afford toilets'' at that time. Reportedly, the septic tank will also help archaeologists to know more about ancient people. 

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Israel violence.

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20 Dead In Gaza As Israel Retaliates Palestine Over Its Rocket Attacks

In a dramatic escalation of Jerusalem’s violent clashes extending to May 11, Gaza authorities reported at least 20 casualties including nine children. The death toll increased after Israel launched an airstrike to counter Palestine's rocket attack by Islamist militant group ‘Hamas’ in Gaza. Hamas retaliated after its deadline to Israel to remove force expired. Reportedly, the escalation started with confrontations at the Al-Aqsa Mosque- most… read-more

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Jerusalem clash, police on horse.

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Jerusalem: 178 Injured In A Clash Between Israeli Police, Palestinians

Nearly 178 Palestinians and six officers were injured in a clash between Israeli police and Palestinians on May 7 at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque. The police used rubber bullets, water cannons and grenades to contain the Palestinian youths. The incident happened in the wee hours during Ramadan season after the evening prayers. While both warring groups blamed each other, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asked UNSC to address the issue.

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The Taj hotel in flames after a terror attack.

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Israeli Students Submit Homage To Victims Of 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks

On the 12th anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Israelis and Indian students have paid their homage to the victims in the cities of Jerusalem, Rehovot and Tel Aviv. Reportedly, virtual tribute ceremonies have been planned in Beersheva and Eilat on November 26, where hundreds of people have already registered. One of the Israeli citizens said, “Israel opposes every country that provides financial and logistical support to terrorists.”

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