Donald Trump at CPAC.

Photo: DW

Donald Trump Claims To Return In 2024 US Presidential Elections

Weeks after leaving the White House, former US President Donald Trump in his February 28 appearance hinted to contest the 2024 presidential elections. Addressing Florida’s the Conservative Political Action Conference, he attacked President Joe Biden again with his election fraud claims besides pledging to regain majority. Trump also expressed his bitterness for Republicans who voted for his impeachment saying, "Get rid of 'em all." He even… read-more

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Joe biden

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Global Leaders Expect US To Go Zero-Pollution State By 2050

Nearly after 107 days of absence, the US has officially re-joined the Paris Climate Accord on February 19. The move came, 30 days after the President Joe Biden took charge at US office. Global leaders are anticipating, US to go zero emission of greenhouse gasses by 2050. “It’s good to have the US back….but sadly we have no time to celebrate,” said Laurence Tubiana, the French Climate Change Ambassador.

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Myanmar protests against military rule.

Photo: Deutsche Welle

US Prez Biden Imposes Sanctions Against Myanmar's Military Rulers

US President Joe Biden has imposed sanctions against Myanmar's military rulers in response to the coup that toppled elected government earlier this month. Biden has decided to freeze Myanmar generals' access to $1 billion fund held in the US, and has warned of further sanctions. "The military must relinquish power," said the US President. He also demanded immediate release of detained Burmese leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi and President… read-more

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US President Joe Biden.

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POTUS Joe Biden To Replace Govt Vehicles With Electric Models

US President Joe Biden, under his 'Buy America' executive order, has vowed to replace nearly 6,50,000 government vehicles with electric models. Biden on January 25 also said the fleet would be replaced with "electric vehicles made right here in America by American workers." Besides, he pointed towards "loopholes" that allow foreign-made parts for vehicles considered as US-made. While the replacement period has not been elucidated yet, the… read-more

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Moon rock sample in Joe Biden's office.

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Biden Decorates Oval Office With 3.9-billion-year-old Lunar Rock

On request by US President Joe Biden's administration, NASA has lent its precious 3.9-billion-year-old Moon rock sample to be displayed at the White House's Oval Office. The administration had requested NASA for the gift as a symbolic representation of the ambitions, accomplishments, and plans of America in space expeditions. The 332-gram sample, excavated following a large lunar-impact, was collected in 1971 by Apollo 17 astronauts Harrison… read-more

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Former NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine.

Photo: The Verge

NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine Quits; Biden Likely To Appoint Woman Head

NASA Chief & Administrator Jim Bridenstine who had been appointed by former US President Donald Trump leaves office as Joe Biden entered the White House on January 20. Jim wrote, "I will miss the amazing NASA family and will forever be grateful for my time at this incredible agency". Reportedly, Biden will most likely appoint a woman to administrator post that has been dominated by men since 1958.

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Stock Market

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Sensex Hits Historic 50,000-mark; Nifty Trades Above 14,700

Indian stock market spiraled in the opening trades of January 21 as the benchmark Sensex crossed the historic 50,000-point for the first time. Jumping 230.69 points from its last close, the Dalal Street almost doubled its value from March 2020 (25,638). Nifty also witnessed a bullish trend while trading above 14,700 points. The steeped rise has been caused by optimism linked to US President Joe Biden's economic resolutions and strong FII… read-more

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Photo: Deccan Herald

Joe Biden Sworn In As 46th POTUS; Kamala Harris As First Female Vice-Prez

After a series of dramatic events, Joe Biden was finally sworn in as the 46th POTUS on January 20. Amid tight security at the US Capitol and taking oath from the Chief Justice John Roberts, President Biden said “Democracy has prevailed.” Kamala Harris took the oath of the US Vice-President, becoming the first female, first black and first Asian-American Vice-President. However, the oath-taking ceremony missed lakhs of spectators owing to the… read-more

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Villagers drawing illustrations for Kamala Harris, Tamil Nadu.

Photo: Fodors Travel

Kamala Harris' Ancestral Village In TN Begins Celebration Of Her Inauguration

Kamala Harris' ancestral home in Tamil Nadu's Thulasenthirapuram Painganaadu village is rejoicing as she will be taking oath as America's Vice President on January 20. The village has started celebrating her term's commencement 12 hours earlier than the scheduled time of 10 PM (IST) on January 20. Reportedly, nearly 200 villagers will be offering prayers at the Sri Dharmasastha Temple followed by bursting of crackers and distribution of … read-more

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President Biden prohibits Trump Followers in His Twitter Handle

Photo: The Indian Express

Biden Starts New POTUS Twitter Handle; Loses Followers From Existing

Breaking the tradition, US President-elect Joe Biden has created a new Twitter handle @PresElectBiden which will be declared as the official @POTUS page on January 20. The account, within six hours of creation, has garnered around 400,000 followers. Reportedly, Biden's campaign officials were not happy with this as they have to gain followers from the scratch. Earlier, when Donald Trump took over the administration from Barack Obama, the… read-more

Sun, 17 Jan 2021 - 08:08 PM / by Archita chakraborty

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