Mediterranean Diet

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Mediterranean Diet Beneficial For Preserving Kidney Health:Study

Mediterranean Diet plays a vital role in the proper functioning of Kidneys, a research proved. The diet includes lots of healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The study was conducted on 1000 patients, 50 % were kept on the Mediterranean diet with excess olive oil, while the others were on a low-fat diet with complex carbs. The Mediterranean routine showed more positive results, the report stated.

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12 year old Boy With Hospital Staff

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12 Yr Old Undergoes Successful Multi-Organ Transplant: Tamil Nadu

In Chennai, a 12-year-old boy underwent a successful multi-organ transplant surgery for a rare liver disease. As many as 20 doctors were involved in the 18-hour long surgery at Gleneagles Global Health City. Dr. Rajanikanth Patcha told ANI, "This boy has been diagnosed with Primary Hyperoxaluria (PH) type- II." Furthermore, boy's aunt and… read-more

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Pig Kidney Transplanted Into Human; Surgeon Calls It, 'Potential Miracle'

Medical team from United States has succeeded in temporarily transplanting a pig's kidney to a human. The surgeon who performed the surgery described the procedure as a "potential miracle." A genetically modified pig and a brain-dead patient were used in the two-day study. Pig kidneys have been found to be viable in nonhuman primates in previous studies. Pig organ transplantation might provide a "renewable source of organs" in the future.

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Expert Ask To Monitor Protein Intake For Kidney Cancer Care Patients 

Health experts reveals, while Kidney cancer has different effects on different body parts, its treatment can lead to severe nausea or gastrointestinal problems. Dietician Apeksha Ekbote suggests monitoring the protein intake and eating healthy to keep the kidneys functioning normally. Moreover, she added that consuming smaller quantities frequently rather than large portions at a time also decreases the pressure on the kidneys. Further,… read-more

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Kidney Sale

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Kashmir Man Releases Ad To Sell Kidney To Repay Rs 91 Lakh Debt

In what could be called as a strange act, a man from Jammu and Kashmir has published an advertisement to donate his kidney for repaying loans. Reportedly, the advertiser Sabzar Ahmad Khan had to repay loans of Rs 91 lakh. In the ad, Sabzar said, "I want to sell my kidney because I have lost everything in business". Interestingly, he has got two buyers, yet awaits a good deal.

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Italian police delivers organ for transplantation in few hours

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Italy: Police Drive Lamborghini At 230 Kmph To Deliver Kidney Before Surgery

In an interesting incident, the Italian Police drove their car at 230 kmph to cover a distance of 500 km, from Padova town to Rome, in just two hours to deliver a kidney before surgery. However, this could be made possible not by an ordinary car but a Lamborghini Huracian LP610-4. The mission was undertaken after the local authorities had requested to deliver the organ quickly. 

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