Lebanonese PM Najib Mikati

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Need Citizens' Support To Overcome Economic Crisis: Lebanon PM

As Lebanon's economy reeling under economic crisis, incumbent PM Najib Mikati urged the citizens to support his government to overcome the crisis. Mikati said, "The quick fixes need to be done immediately, especially in health, education, energy work, and transparency, and show Lebanese that there is governance. There is transparency". Notably, winning the faith of Lebanese is quite hard as many previous leaders have "failed" to do so. 

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Flame after Blast

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20 Dead, 7 Injured In Fuel Tanker Blast In Lebanon

In a horrific accident in Lebanon's Akkar district, 20 people lost their lives, and seven suffered injuries due to an explosion in a fuel tanker, on August 15. Following the attack, Lebanese Red Cross society tweeted, ''Our teams have transported 20 dead bodies and more than 7 injured...to hospital in the area". However, the cause of the blast is yet to be ascertained. 

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Smoke seen over Lebanon blast site

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Lebanon Rocked by Another Explosion At Suspected Hezbollah Arms Warehouse

A Hezbollah's arms warehouse exploded on September 22 at Ain-Qana village of southern Lebanon. While villagers felt the tremors, local broadcasters reported loss of life and property. The site was also shut off by Shia militant group, Hezbollah, preventing journalists to enter. The blast site was 50 kilometers south of Beirut, which is experiencing series of blasts and fires since devastating explosion of August 4 that killed over 190 people… read-more

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Massive Fire Broke Out in Beirut

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Fire Breaks Out In Beirut Near Cultural Facility

On September 14, a fire broke out near the entrance of the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Centre (BIEL) in Lebanon. BIEL is an exhibition centre which hosts conferences and cultural events. Reportedly, the firefighting brigades are trying to put out the fire. This is the third time a fire broke out in Beirut since August 4. President Michel Aoun said they are considering all possibilities, including 'arson'.

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Massive Fire Broke Out in Beirut Killing 200 people

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Beirut: Massive Fire Breaks Out at Port, Month After Deadly Explosion

On September 10, an immense fire was reported at the Beirut Port, one month after the huge explosion in Lebanon. The fire killed more than 200 people. The residents are triggered for the second time this year. The reason behind the incident is yet to be identified. However, the Lebanese army officials believe that the fire was caught in the duty free zone in the warehouse where oils and tires were stored. 

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UN Peace Keeping Force to extend UNFIL till August 31, 2021

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UNSC Extends Peacekeeping Mission in Lebanon Till Late 2021

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has voted to extend the UN Interim Force's Mandate in Lebanon (UNIFIL) peacekeeping mission till August 31, 2021. Reportedly, on August 29, the resolution was unanimously backed up by the 15-member council and the troops were reduced from 15,000. The resolution lauds the activities of the combined forces of the Lebanese army and UNIFIL, in maintaining peace and… read-more

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