Pacquiao and Yoo

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Retired Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao To Return For Exhibition Bout Against YouTuber DK Yoo

Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao, boxing's only eight-division world champion, is set to make a comeback to face South Korean YouTube star DK Yoo in an exhibition match. The match is scheduled to take place on December 10, and DK Yoo announced it on his social media handles. Pacquiao retired from professional boxing in September 2021 to pursue his dream of becoming the president of Philippines.

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Philippine superstar Manny Pacquiao

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Manny Pacquiao Announces His Retirement From Boxing

Boxer Manny Pacquiao announced his retirement on September 29 after a spectacular decades-long career in the ring. In the 2022 elections, the Filipino superstar intends to run for president. He expressed special gratitude to Freddie Roach, his long-time trainer, whom he regarded as "a brother and a friend". "It is difficult for me to accept that my time for me as a boxer is over," said Pacquiao.

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McGregor -Pacquiao

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Conor McGregor To Come Out Of Retirement, Fight Manny Pacquiao

UFC star Conor McGregor on September 26 announced his comeback from retirement to fight against Filipino Manny Pacquiao in the Middle East. “It will be a true honour to have faced two of the greatest boxers of the modern era,” McGregor tweeted. The 32-year-old Irish fighter had announced the retirement for the third time this June. Pacquiao has not fought since last July after winning against Keith Thurman.

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Pacquio and McGregor

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Manny Pacquiao's Coach Says, “Why destroy your legacy for a bum like McGregor?”

Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao signed with the Paradigm Sports Management earlier in 2020 which raised questions for a possible fight between the two. However, Pacquiao's strength and conditioning coach, Justin Fortune didn't want the fight to happen. "Why even make the guy rich?" he questioned. Fortune further stated that the fight between the two "won’t do absolutely nothing for Pacquiao as far as his legacy is concerned".

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