Image shared by NASA of dunes on Mars

Photo: The Independent

NASA Shares Picture Of Martian Dunes On Odyssey's 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years of Mars Odyssey orbiter, NASA has released an image showing blue and golden dunes on Mars' northern polar caps. Covering 30km area, the photograph's colors are generated by surface temperatures i.e blue for cold and yellowish-orange for warm. The picture was, reportedly, captured from Dec 2002 to Nov 2004 following Odyssey's launch in 2001. Notably, Mars Odyssey orbiter, a robotic spacecraft is the longest-working… read-more

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Ingenuity helicopter's flight path.


NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Ready For Its 1st Flight On Mars On April 11

NASA's Mars helicopter 'Ingenuity', which touched down the red planet with 'Perseverance' rover in February, is ready for its first flight on April 11. The light-weight rotorcraft will take-off vertically for a 30-second flight and will hover around its current location, taking 30 images/second to understand the site. Scientists claim, if the flight becomes successful, it will pave a way for future flights scouting land rovers to visit… read-more

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Rainbow image shared by Perseverance Rover.

Photo: Twitter

NASA's Perseverance Rover Spots Rainbow Like Phenomenon On Mars

The red planet has baffled scientists yet again as a rainbow-like phenomenon was recently spotted by NASA's Perseverance rover. Several debaters on Reddit have speculated it to be either an ‘icebow’ or 'dustbow,' resulting from light's scattering off dust particles. However, claiming 'Definitely not a rainbow' NASA experts says the artifact could possibly be ‘lens flare’ caused by the lights entering the camera lens and randomly dispersing.… read-more

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Planet Mars

Photo: ExtremeTech

Unknown Ancient Crater Lake Found On Mars With Evidence Of Waterbeds

A study led by US' Brown University researchers' have located an unknown ancient crater lake on Mars. The study, published in Planetary Science Journal, claimed that the mysterious crater may have remains of ancient stream beds and ponds. Considered to be a part of the lost Martian glacier, the lake is different from Gale and Jezero craters. Scientists are optimistic that this finding can connect dots between theory and observation.

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Representational photo: China's Mars probe Tianwen-I

Photo: Apsters Media

China's Tianwen-I Installed In Martian Orbit For Surface-Mapping

The China National Space Administration informed that the Tianwen-I spacecraft had been established in the temporary parking orbit of Mars before its descent onto the surface. Reportedly, the spacecraft will now remain in the orbit for next three months intending to map the Martian surface and landing site. China's spacecraft is the third to reach Mars this month and will be the second nation after the US to land a rover, if successful. 

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NASA Perseverance

Photo: IEEE Spectrum

NASA's Perseverance Rover Set To Land On Mars; Know All About It

After travelling nearly 48,28,02,200 kilometers from Earth, NASA's Perseverance rover will finally land on Mars on February 19. Launched on July 30 last year, the car-size Perseverance rover is the biggest, heaviest and most sophisticated robotic geologist probe ever launched in to space, says NASA. Moreover, it will be the agency's ninth Mars mission while Perseverance is the fifth rover attempting to touchdown the red planet. The six-wheel … read-more

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Image of Mars sent by UAE's Al Amal probe.

Photo: DW

UAE's Hope Sends First Photo Of 'Yellowed' Mars From Space Probe

UAE's 'Al Amal' (Hope) spacecraft has transmitted an image of Mars on February 14, just nearly a week after entering the red planet's orbit. Snapped from a distance of 25,000 kilometers, the picture was taken from Hope's camera named Emirates eXploration Imager (EXI). The yellowed semicircle image highlights Olympus Mons, the solar system's largest volcano, along with three other volcanoes in Tharsis region of Mars. The space mission intends … read-more

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Representational photo: A satellite orbiting Mars.

Photo: CBS News

Spacecrafts From UAE, China, US To Reach Mars In Quick Succession

Probes from UAE, China and the US, launched in July 2020, would arrive on Mars just days apart in February. Reportedly, UAE's Amal (Hope) will reach Mars on February 9 and installed in orbit at 22-44,000 kilometres. In contrast, China's Tianwen-1 reaching 24-hours-later will remain paired in the path only to land on Mars in May 2021. Additionally, NASA's most-anticipated Perseverance carries… read-more

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Representational photo: Booster of a nuclear-powered rocket.

Photo: CNN

Astronauts Can Reach Mars In 3 Months With Nuclear Rocket: USNC-Tech

Seattle-based Ultra Safe Nuclear Technologies has claimed that astronauts could get to Mars in just three-months using a Nuclear Thermal Propulsion rocket. Reportedly, the company aims to reduce NASA's targeted time-span of five to nine months for a one-way trip. NASA engineer Jeff Sheehy stated that NTP would "double the miles per hour" making two-way travel under two-years. However, the developers currently encounter numerous challenges, … read-more

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Insight lander with digging probe Mole.

Photo: NASA

NASA Drops Plan Of Digging Martian Soil; Reasons Revealed

NASA has called off its two-year-old ambitious mission to dig up the Martian surface after its heat probe mole failed to dig more than 2-3 centimetres. NASA's 'Mars Mole' was deployed by Insight Lander in February 2019, to dig 16 feet and study the planet's deep internal structure including temperature. Reportedly, the Martian soil was too thick, and accumulation of dust on the rover's solar panel is disrupting power-generation for digging.… read-more

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