Mexico Gun Incident

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Mexico Gunfight Kills 8 People, Leaves 5 Injured

Eight died and five people were injured in a firing, which occurred at a packed nightclub in Mexico. The incident happened in the Mexican Town of Jerez when two vehicles carrying highly armed men arrived at the bar. The guys broke in and started firing randomly, confirmed sources. Furthermore, the deceased were club staff like musicians. Meanwhile, recently Jerez is witnessing a number of violent incidents.

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Earthquake Of 7.6 Magnitude Jolts Mexico, Sets Off Alarm

An earthquake of 7.6 magnitude on the Richter scale hit Mexico’s central pacific coast on September 19. The earthquake set off seismic alarm and occurred at around 1:05 pm. Reportedly, the quake was centred 37 kms southeast of Aquila, near the boundary of Colima and Michoacan states, with a depth of 15.1 kms. The quake left some buildings cracked in the town. Further details are awaited.

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Russian Flag

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Mexico’s Imports From Russia Increase By 20% In First Half Of 2022

Latest figures from the Bank of Mexico revealed that Mexico has imported goods worth USD 1.193 billion from Russia, in the first half of 2022 (January to June). During the same period last year, Mexico’s imports from Russia stood at USD 987.6 million. To Mexico, a quarter of all imports of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilisers come from Russia. Mexico also majorly imports rolled steel, synthetic rubber and aluminium.

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Classmates Set 14-Year-Old Mexican Boy On Fire In Racial Attack

A Mexican student was set on fire and severely burnt in a classroom because his "only crime" was speaking an indigenous language in a country fighting to overcome racial prejudice. Juan Zamorano was just recently released from the hospital. According to his family's lawyers, the 14-year-old had previously been bullied for weeks because of his Indigenous Otomi ancestry, and they had lodged complaints against the suspected assailants and school… read-more

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2026 FIFA World Cup

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US, Mexico & Canada To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

FIFA president Gianni Infantino revealed host cities for 2026 World Cup in United States, Canada, and Mexico on June 16. FIFA named 16 cities, 11 of which are in US, three in Mexico, and two in Canada. There was no word on where the opening or final game would be conducted. Infantino claimed, "By 2026 soccer or football will be the… read-more

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12 Killed And 11 Injured In Highway Accident: Mexico

At least 12 people lost their lives and 11 were injured, after passanger van crashed in Jalisco, Mexico, on January 29. The Civil Protection & Fire department of Jalisco said that tourists were travelling in the vehicle, when it overturned on Leon-Aguascalientes highway, resulting in killing of eight men and four women. Notably, the Jalisco has registered 1,015 deaths due to traffic accidents in 2021.

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Dead bodies of migrants in southern mexico

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54 Migrants Die As Truck Overturns In Southern Mexico

In a tragic accident, 54 migrants, mostly from Central Americas, died after the truck they were travelling in overturned in southern Mexico on December 9. They were trying to reach the United States, reported Reuters. However, the trailer couldn't handle the weight of people as there were more than 100 people inside it. Reportedly, migrants usually try to reach the US due to poverty and violence in Central America. 

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External Affairs Minister on a tour of mexico to discuss Bilateral Trade

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External Affairs Minister In Mexico To Discuss Bilateral Trade

Mexican Minister of Finance and Public Credit Rogelio Ramírez de la O personally welcomed the External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar for a talk to boost bilateral cooperation in trade and investment. This is the first visit of an Indian External Affairs Minister to Mexico in 41 years. During this visit, S. Jaishankar will also be visiting the commemorative events of the 200th anniversary of Mexican Independence.

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LGBTQ+ Community Flag

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Same-Sex Marriage Legalized In The Mexican State Of Sonora

Making the practice legal in about three-quarters of the country's regions, on September 23, the Mexican state of Sonora's congress legalized same-sex marriage. The modification in the legislation was passed by the Sonora legislature with 26 votes in favor and seven votes against. Since Mexico City became the first area to allow same-sex marriage in 2009, the movement for marriage equality and LGBT rights has accelerated.

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Human Footprints

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23,000 Year Old Footprints Found In US: New Chapter In Human History

Ancient footprints have been found in the United States dating back 23,000 years, implying that people inhabited North America much before the end of the last Ice Age, as per a study published in the journal Science on September 23. The footprints were discovered in silt on the shores of a long-dried-up lake, now part of the New Mexico desert. Reportedly, the sediments were marked and solidified into hard rock.

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