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Cryptocurrency Company Transfers $10.5 Millions By Mistake

In a shocking incident, due to an unfortunate typo, cryptocurrency exchange mistakenly issued a customer A$10.5 million ($7.2 million) rather than the expected A$100 ($68). The transaction was made in May 2021, which was realised by the company during the Audit in December 2021. However, by the time mistake was discovered, the customer Thevamanogari Manivel, has withdrawn all the money and spent it lavishly, and is now facing legal… read-more

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petrol Pump Theft Case

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Petrol Pump Theft Case Registered, Thieves Steal Rs 1.8 Lakhs

In Kerala, two separate theft incident has been reported at petrol pumps in Ernakulam and Kottooli and stole close to Rs. 1.8 lakh cash and a mobile phone, confirmed police on June 9. In Kottooli, a masked thief stole Rs 50,000, and in another incident thief stole Rs 1.3 lakh and a mobile phone worth Rs 12,000. The police have registered a case and are investigating the matter.

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Finance Ministry Clears Rs 96,576 Crore To States As GST Compensation

The Union Finance Ministry has released Rs 96,576 crore to states and Union Territories (UTs) to cover the revenue shortfall in connection with the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST). In addition, the Centre has provided an additional Rs 1.59 lakh crore in the form of back-to-back loans to states and UTs. Notably, the Centre also gave a nod to extend the GST compensation cess till March 2026.

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Ekincare Founders

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Indian Startup 'ekincare' Raises $15 million In Series B Funding

According to reports, Indian startup ekincare has garnered $15 million in Series B funding. In addition, the round was led by HealthQuad and Sabre Partners along with the participation of major investors such as Ventureast, Siana Capital, and Endiya Partners. “We expect to grow by another 3x post this round. In a post-pandemic world, employee well-being has increasingly become the focal point of every employer’s strategy,'' stated the founder… read-more

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1 rupee note

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1 Rupee Old Indian Currency Note Sells For Rs 7 Lakh

Shocking but true, Rs 1 note which was in circulation before independence would probably fetch you Rs 7 lakh. In order to sell the note online, you need to upload a photo of the note. Then, provide your phone number and e-mail address. Notably, the note bears the signature of the former British governor, JW Kelly, published by British India in 1935.

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Lottery Prize

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Woman Uses Similar Lottery Numbers For 16 Years, Mints $264,419

Lola Allen of Fayetteville, North Carolina, won $264,419 and 5 jackpots, using a similar set of lottery numbers for the past 16 years. "From the very beginning, I've been using the same numbers," Allen said. "They are my favorite numbers, so I stuck with them, she added". Allen was one of the three players to match all five numbers, earning her a $264,419 share of the $793,257 jackpot.

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BSF Deputy commandant held for 'Fraud'; Police Seizes Luxury Items Worth Crore

Deputy commandant with BSF, Praveen Yadav is detained in the scam of Rs 140 crore, in Gurgaon. Yadav acted like an IPS official on deputation on the National Security Guard’s campus in Manesar and conned contractors on the pretext of distributing tenders for construction work on the campus, reported SIT. Police have recovered Rs 13.81 crore in cash, six luxury cars, and gold worth Rs 1 crore from his possession.

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Bride with groom

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Bride Demands Rs 7K From Each Wedding Guest For New House

In a bizarre incident, a bride asked her wedding guests to pay around Rs 7,000 for the reception. Reportedly, she and her groom opted the way to collect money due to the unavailability of funds. The incident was reported by the bride's friend on social media. A Reddit user said they installed a box to donate. ''Guests please donate money for future and new house,'' read the box. 

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4 Masked Men Break Car Window And Steal Rs 3.90 Lakh From Dashboard: Nagpur

In Maharashtra's Nagpur, four masked robbers broke a car window and stole Rs 3.90 lakh from the car. Reportedly, the incident took place on November 9, in Wadi district. Sachin Ashok Mule (35), who ran a car decoration store in the neighboring Chandrapur district reportedly came to buy a new vehicle. Meanwhile, the four accused came and stole the money which was kept in the dashboard.

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Couple with their children

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Couple In Telegana's Hanamkonda Commits Suicide After Being Cheated

A couple identified as Keshava Swamy and Sandhya Rani has reportedly committed suicide in Telegana’s Hanamkonda after being cheated. The duo in a suicide note wrote that three people collected Rs 80 lakh from over a dozens of youngsters via Swamy luring them with job opportunities. The kids asked for money from Swamy when they were not handed over the jobs. “Due to this helpless situation we are committing suicide,” Swamy wrote.

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