Manaslu Base Camp Avalanche

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Massive Avalanche Occurs At Nepal’s Manaslu Base Camp

A massive avalanche occurred at Nepal’s Manaslu base camp, on October 2. Tashi Sharma confirmed the incident, who was attempting to climb the eighth highest mountain in the world at 8,163 metres. According to Sharma, the avalanche destroyed three dozens of tents in the base camp, however, no casualties were reported. With this, several expedition companies have called off their attempts to climb the mountain for this season.

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Rhythm Mamania

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Rhythm Mamania, 10-year-old girl From Mumbai, Climbs Mount Everest Base Camp In 11 Days

Rhythm Mamania, a 10-year-old skater from Mumbai, became one of the youngest Indian mountaineers to reach Everest base camp, finishing the expedition in 11 days. Harshal and Urmi, her parents, accompanied her on the hike. Rhythm walked for 8-9 hours across a variety of high terrain in a variety of meteorological situations, including hail and snowfall, and freezing temperatures as minus 10 degrees Celsius. 

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Climbers at Mount Everest.

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Nepal Refuses To COVID For Everest Climbers Who Suffer Dry Cough

The Nepal Tourism department which supervises voyage to Mount Everest denied COVID-19 cases on Mount Everest dismissing them as dry cough due to the topography and pneumonia for others. Despite the cancellation of expeditions and climbers getting transported off the peak due to sickness, the Nepal government stood on its ground. Ang Tshering Sherpa, a former president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association… read-more

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Harshvardhan Joshi, a 25 year old mountaineer, climbed Mount Everest after recovering from Covid-19.

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25-Year-Old Mountaineer Conquers Mt. Everest And Covid-19

Harshvardhan Joshi, a 25 year old mountaineer from Maharashtra climbed the Mount Everest after recovering from Covid-19. Joshi's Everest expedition was named SangHarsh, which was also planned keeping in mind the eco-friendly factors to keep the  expedition sustainable and raise awareness regarding the same. Joshi's expedition to the world's tallest peak was completed in 65 days. "The best view comes after the hardest climb," said the… read-more

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Arthur Muir and Tsang Yin Hung.

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Fastest Woman, Oldest American To Scale Mt Everest Return Safely

Amid COVID-19, Hong Kong’s Tsang Yin-hung has become the fastest female climber to scale the Mount Everest in record 25 hours and 50 minutes. A teacher by profession, Tsang made only two stops from the base camp to the destination during her expedition. Another climber, 75-year-old Aurthur Muir, a former Chicago attorney also became the oldest American to scale Everest. Aurthur achieved the feat in his second attempt.

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Tashi Yangjom

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Tashi Yangjom Becomes First Indian Woman To Scale Mount Everest In 2021

Tashi Yangjom, a woman from Arunachal Pradesh became the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest in 2021, reached the peak on May 11 at 6AM. Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, the state Governor BD Mishra, and CM Pema Khandu congratulated her on the achievement. The 37-year-old was an instructor at the National Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports (NIMAS) in Dirang.

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Climbers at Mount Everest

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China Restricts Everest Climbers Over COVID-19 Fears From Nepal

Fearing COVID-19 spread, the Chinese authorities on May 14 announced to cancel all attempts of climbing Mount Everest from its side. The China's General Administration of Sport confirmed it citing fear of importing COVID cases from Nepal and climbers testing positive after being brought down from the base camp. China earlier decided to erect barriers so that climbers from both sides do not come in contact with each other.

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People climbing a snowy mountain


Nepal Urges Everest Climbers To Bring Back Empty Oxygen Cylinders

The Nepal Mountaineering Association on May 10 urged the Mt Everest climbers to bring back the empty oxygen cylinders for reuse. Experiencing the second COVID wave, Nepal is facing acute shortage of oxygen and cylinders. It is estimated that climbers and their Sherpa guides have carried nearly 3,500 oxygen cylinders during April- May. Reportedly, the cylinders are either left after the expeditions or they get buried under in avalanches.

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Representational image

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China To Draw "Separation Line" On Mt Everest To Curb COVID Transmission

China has decided to draw a "separation line" on Mount Everest to curb the transmission of coronavirus from Nepali climbers. The decision has been taken after 30 climbers contracted COVID-19 in the base camp of the Nepalese side of the mountain. Meanwhile, all COVID safety norms will be followed on the Chinese side as well. In 2020, China had banned international mountaineers to climb the Everest due to the pandemic. 

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Base camps at Mount Everest

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1st COVID Case Detected On Mount Everest As Climber Tests Positive

Norwegian mountaineer Erlend Ness on April 15 became the first Mount Everest climber to test positive for coronavirus while camping at the base of the mountain. However, Ness was tested negative in his later test on April 22 and is now staying with a Nepalese local family. Meanwhile, Austrian mountain guide Lukas Furtenbach, leading 18 climbers, has called for urgent mass testing at all the base camps.

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