Myanmar military ruler takes over as the prime minister of country until 2023

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Myanmar Military Leader Becomes PM, Swears To Hold Elections By 2023

Six months after the coup, Myanmar's military leader and ruler Min Aung Hlaing, took over the governance declaring himself as Myanmar's PM until 2023. Myanmar Junta in February 2021 overthrew and captured the elected prime minister Aung San Suu Kyi seizing power from the civilian government and declared a state of emergency. Hlaing on August 1 promised that the country will hold a fair election in 2023.

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Myanmar violence.

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Active Protests Still Take Place In Myanmar Four Months After Coup

Democracy activists gathered on Myanmar streets on June 1 as the army and anti-junta militias indulged in fighting along the border areas. Anti-military protestors and young activists took to streets of Laung Lone and Yangon amid heavy crackdown by forces. Notably, even after four months, the military is still struggling to impose orders after the coup followed by arrests of Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior leaders.

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Gautam Adani

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S&P Index To Delist Adani Ports, Cites Firm's Ties With Myanmar Military

India-based Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd will be delisted from S&P Dow Jones's sustainability index before April 15. The decision has been taken because of the firm's association with the human rights violation-accused Myanmar military. Reportedly, a $290-million port is being constructed by the company on the military-backed corporation land. However, the company has not issued any comment on the delisting yet. 

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Indo-Myanmar border

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Manipur Govt Orders Officials To Turn Away Myanmarese Refugees

The Manipur government on March 29 ordered that Myanmarese nationals fleeing their country due to military coup must be "politely turned away". The government stated no food or shelter should be provided to the refugees. However, the order has allowed medical assistance to the Myanmarese on "humanitarian consideration". Meanwhile, Myanmar's Ambassador to the UN has requested India to support the refugees as both the countries share "a long… read-more

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Myanmar's Insurgent Group Seeks Asylum For 40 Families In Mizoram

Amid the military coup, Myanmar’s Chin National Army (CNA) - an armed-insurgent group - has sought asylum for 40 families in Mizoram’s Champhai district. Alarmed by the development, the district administration has warned the villages in Mizoram along the porous 404-Km long international border to report if they spot any intrusion by Myanmarese refugees. Earlier, thousands of Chin community members sharing the same culture with Mizos intruded… read-more

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Myanmar Military Now Blocks Access To Twitter, Instagram

Myanmar's military on February 5 directed internet service providers to block access to Twitter and Instagram. Earlier, it had blocked Facebook until February 7 in order to maintain "stability" in the country. Reportedly, after the ban on Facebook, campaigns against the military were shifted to Twitter and Instagram that prompted authorities to take the decision. "It undermines the public conversation and the rights of people to make their… read-more

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Myanmar Army Blocks Facebook After Resistance Erupts Against Coup

Days after the Myanmar military staged a coup against the elected government, it has now temporarily blocked Facebook to curb the resistance and prevent civil disobedience. Reportedly, the services were disrupted late on February 3 and were later suspended completely. Earlier, on February 3, Myanmar citizens had come out in Yangon region and held a noise protest against the … read-more

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People protesting in Myanmar

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World's Longest Internet Shutdown Since June 2019 Ends In Myanmar

World's longest internet shutdown, which was imposed in Myanmar in June 2019, ended on February 3. More than a million people were affected in different parts of Myanmar after emergency orders were imposed by the telecom department. Reportedly, the country's telecom operator Telenor restored full internet services across the country after the military coup. Notably, the restriction led to limited awareness of COVID-19 and necessary preventive… read-more

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Myanmar Military

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Myanmar Military Stages Coup, Detains Suu Kyi, Takes Control For 1 Year

Myanmar’s military on February 1 staged a coup against the government, declaring an emergency. It has also detained Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Myint and other leaders while taking control of the country for one year. Reportedly, the elected government came under scanner after it was alleged of rigging the November elections which they had won with sweeping majority. Meanwhile, the US and Australia have asked the military to release the… read-more

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