NASA's VIPER rover.

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NASA's VIPER Rover To Be Carried By SpaceX's Falcon Heavy In 2023

NASA has selected SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket to lift the Astrobotic Technology's lander that carries its Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER), the water-hunting rover, to the moon in 2023. VIPER aims to land on the Southern pole of the Lunar surface in Falcon Heavy's first moon visit. It is the same site where astronauts are supposed to land under the Artemis mission slated for 2024.

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Mini Truck-Sized Asteroid '2021 GW4' Close Past Earth On April 12

A small truck-sized asteroid named '2021 GW4' close past the Earth on April 12. Travelling at a speed of 30,104 Km/h, the space rock passed from a distance of 26,200 Km from Earth. Besides, being at an altitude of 35,786 Km, the rock was within the ring of the artificial satellites orbit. The asteroid was discovered on April 8 using the Arizona’s Mt Lemmon-based 'Catalina Sky Survey'. 

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Representational Image

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NASA To Send First Woman, Non-White To Moon By 2024

NASA is preparing to send the first woman and a non-white person to the Moon. Reportedly, the move is to send manned mission under its diversified international spaceflight program, Artemis. Supported by the Biden-Harris government, Artemis program has chosen 18 astronauts, including nine women and non-whites, for the mission that will probably land on the Moon in 2024. The program aims to serve as a learning opportunity for future missions… read-more

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virgin galactic

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'Virgin Galactic', 'Blue Origin' Plan To Send Common People To Space

Turning dreams into reality, spaceflight companies 'Virgin Galactic' and 'Blue Origin' are eyeing to send private clients to space by developing a spacecraft. Reportedly, the trainees will be required to undergo a two-day training including classroom sessions and centrifugal test. Vowing a 99.9% pass rate in the course, Virgin Galactic, slated to begin operations by 2022, will charge the clients between $200,000-$250,000. However, Blue Origin… read-more

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Image shared by NASA of dunes on Mars

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NASA Shares Picture Of Martian Dunes On Odyssey's 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years of Mars Odyssey orbiter, NASA has released an image showing blue and golden dunes on Mars' northern polar caps. Covering 30km area, the photograph's colors are generated by surface temperatures i.e blue for cold and yellowish-orange for warm. The picture was, reportedly, captured from Dec 2002 to Nov 2004 following Odyssey's launch in 2001. Notably, Mars Odyssey orbiter, a robotic spacecraft is the longest-working… read-more

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Ingenuity helicopter's flight path.


NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Ready For Its 1st Flight On Mars On April 11

NASA's Mars helicopter 'Ingenuity', which touched down the red planet with 'Perseverance' rover in February, is ready for its first flight on April 11. The light-weight rotorcraft will take-off vertically for a 30-second flight and will hover around its current location, taking 30 images/second to understand the site. Scientists claim, if the flight becomes successful, it will pave a way for future flights scouting land rovers to visit… read-more

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Rainbow image shared by Perseverance Rover.

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NASA's Perseverance Rover Spots Rainbow Like Phenomenon On Mars

The red planet has baffled scientists yet again as a rainbow-like phenomenon was recently spotted by NASA's Perseverance rover. Several debaters on Reddit have speculated it to be either an ‘icebow’ or 'dustbow,' resulting from light's scattering off dust particles. However, claiming 'Definitely not a rainbow' NASA experts says the artifact could possibly be ‘lens flare’ caused by the lights entering the camera lens and randomly dispersing.… read-more

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Planet Uranus

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NASA Detects First X-rays From Uranus; Origin Undetected

NASA, after analyzing the observational-data of Uranus since 2002, have detected the first X-rays being emitted from the seventh planet of our solar system. Observing via Chandra X-ray Observatory, scientists believe that the findings could help in understanding the emission of X-rays from black holes and neutron stars. However, sources of Uranus' X-rays are unclearly being attributed to its rings, side-tilted poles producing unusual magnetic… read-more

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Mars Orbit

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NASA Shares Mars Mission Data With Countries To Avoid Collision

NASA has shared the data of its Mars mission to India, China, UAE and the European Space Agency to avoid the collision of spacecraft in the Mars orbit. Reportedly, the data was shared to ensure the safety of the Perseverance spacecraft from getting crashed with spacecraft of other countries in the martin orbit. Notably, ISRO's Mangalyaan, China's Taiwan-1, UAE's Hope and two other spacecraft from the ESA are hovering the red planet.

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Space Firm 'Bigelow Aerospace' Sues NASA For Contract Payment Failure

Space tech firm 'Bigelow Aerospace' has sued NASA demanding it to pay Rs 7.3 crore for the ‘space station air performance test’ contract. Reportedly, NASA withheld the contractual payment to Bigelow, as it did not furnish extensive data about 'B330' space habitat from December 2019-August 2020. However, the space agency has refrained from commenting about the lawsuit. The B330 project was designed to provide deep-space habitat for humans and… read-more

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