Nityanand Rai

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China's Population Is More Than That Of India, BJP In Lok Sabha

In the Monsoon Parliament session, the BJP Minister informed the Lok Sabha that the projected population of India is less than that of China in July. On July 25, Minister of State or Home Nityanand Rai said, as per 2022 world prospect, China has a population of 142,56,71,000, whereas population of India till July 1, 2023 is 139,23,29,000. The statement came after questions related to time frame and census conduct.

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Delhi Police

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Delhi Police Has 12,000 Vacant Posts, Confirms Nityanand Rai In Lok Sabha

 In Delhi Police, nearly 12,000 posts are lying vacant, informed Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai, confirmed to Lok Sabha. On July 26, Rai answered to the question of Delhi BJP MP Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma. As per shared information, of sanctioned 94,255 posts, only 82,264 posts were filled. The minister further informed that many welfares like loans for marriage, and higher education were given to police's families.

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Nityanand Rai

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AITMC Proposes West Bengal Name Change To Bangla: Nityanand Rai

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said they have received a proposal to change the West Bengal State's name to Bangla. On July 19, during the second day of the Monsoon Parliament Session, the Ministry of State in MHA Nityanand Rai confirmed the received proposal and said, the MHA doesn't have any such revamped guidelines for heritage city name change. Notably, Saida Ahmad of the All India Trinamool Congress proposed.

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Union Minister Nityanand Rai

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Kashmiri Migrants To Get Back Their Assets, Says Govt In Rajya Sabha

Addressing the Rajya Sabha in the Parliament proceedings, Union Ministry of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai said, "the Modi government and Home Minister is capable of returning the assets to migrant Kashmiris." On April 6, the BJP leader informed that so far 610 people have got their assets and if the complaint is genuine, more migrants will get their assets back. He further said, Jammu & Kashmir is developing.

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Union Minister Nityanand Rai

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42 Terrorist Organisations Listed Under UAPA 1st Schedule, Says Nityanand Rai

Union Minister Nityanand Rai, on February 2, reveals that 42 terrorist organisation has been listed in UAPA Act. Addressing the parliament session, the Union Minister said, while the listed organisations are 42, the decalred terrorist organisation under the UAPA Act are currently 13, in India. He further clarified that the Enforcement Agencies of the Centre is constantly watching activities of such organisation/terrorists, taking the… read-more

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Amaravati in AP Map

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Union Minister Nityanand Rai Says, Amaravati Is AP Capital As Per Centre

Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai, on February 2, said, as per Central Government records, Amaravati is considered as the AP Capital City. Answering to BJP leader IGVL Narsimha Rao, Union Minister said, "As such Amaravati will remain the state capital, as per the records available with the Centre". Notably, after the three capital proposal of the YSRCP Government in AP, there has been uncertainty over the issue. 

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 Indian Citizenship

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70% Pakistani Awaits Indian Citizenship, Says Union MHA Minister

At least 70% Pakistani awaits Indian citizenship, said the Ministry of Home Affairs, on December 22. MHA Minister Nityanand Rai said, a total of 7,306 people applied for citizenship from Pakistan, 1,152 applications are from Afghanistan, 428 states are stateless, 223 from Sri Lanka and the US, 189 from Nepal, 161 from Bangladesh and 10 from China. Notably, all the 10,635 applicants, applied for citizenship till December 14 2021.

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Nityanand Rai

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TN Govt Requests To Declare Tamil As One Of India's Official Languages

In the 29th Meeting of the Southern Zonal Council on November 14, the government of Tamil Nadu has raised the issue of declaring 'Tamil' as one of India's official languages, as is done in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Thirtikurrei. The Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Nityanand Rai on December 7, informed the Lok… read-more

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Govt Has No Decision Over Rolling Pan-India NRC Till Now: Centre

Replying to a question in Parliament on March 17, Union Minister Nityanand Rai said the Centre had not taken any decision on the framing of NRC till now. Rai also claimed no detention centre provisioned under the Citizenship Act, 1955 and National Register of Indian Citizens. Moreover, he added that detention centres were built by the state government and UTs to detain illegal migrants and foreigners who await deportation.

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