China' nuclear missile carrying vehicles


China Joins Heated Race To Test Out New Missiles After US & Russia

Days after the Unites States and Russia conducted its nuclear weapon's test, China seems to be in the heated race to test its own power of nuclear warheads. It was seen that a rocket carrying a hypersonic glide vehicle was launched, which flew through space, circling around the globe. It later cruised down towards its target, and missed by about two dozen miles. 

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UN Chief Antonio Guterres

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UN Secretary-General Alarms Against Growing Distrust, Tensions

Alarming against the growing distrust, UN chief Antonio Guterres said that the world is living in an environment of nuclear disaster. He urged the US and Russia to extend the disarmament treaty, START, which is set to expire next year. Guterres also called upon the members to strengthen the Non-proliferation Treaty, which completes 50 years in 2020. Reportedly, the review of the treaty was postponed owing to the pandemic.

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Chinese Army Parade

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Pentagon Report Reveals China's Thrust to Double its Nuclear Arsenal

Pentagon has revealed that China is going to double its nuclear weapons, from its current 200s mark, over the decade. The study also pointed to Beijing's ability of completing a nuclear triad soon. The Pentagon further alarmed that China does not need any further addition to its fissile material for doubling the nuclear warheads. The report was surfaced during the US Congress' discussion over the $700 billion Defence Authorisation Bill.

Wed, 02 Sep 2020 - 03:28 PM / by Nitesh Kumar Singh

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