Florence Griffith-Joyner

Photo: Euronews

Surprising Facts About Florence Griffith-Joyner; ‘Fastest Woman’ To Have Ever Lived

The American runner sets two unattainable records and became a style icon. In the photo, Florence Griffith-Joyner prepares to start the 200-metre dash at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Soon she would set a world record that remains unsurpassed to this day and become a two-time Olympic champion. You would certainly bet on her, even if you do not like betting. But if you like it, it would be very convenient to… read-more

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Cricket Australia

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Cricket Australia Aims To Have Cricket Included In 2032 Brisbane Olympics

Cricket Australia hopes to get cricket included in the 2032 Brisbane Olympics. Along with eight other sports, cricket has been selected for consideration for inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games. The host city may include any sport, but only with the agreement of International Olympic Committee. Cricket's participation in the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics is part of the plan's "sustainable future" component, which also intends to improve the… read-more

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Special Olympics Bharat Unified Cup 2022

Photo: Special Olympics

Special Olympics Bharat's Unified Cup Players Play Practice Match To Celebrate Pride Month

National Coaching Camp for Special Olympics Bharat - Unified Football has concluded. The preparation camp was planned to train the female football squad for Unified Cup 2022 held in July in Detroit, USA. SO Bharat Athletes and a team from The Lalit Hotel, which included employees with special needs and members of LGBTQ community, participated in an all-inclusive football game to celebrate Pride Month on the camp's final day. 

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Maana Patel

Photo: The Times Of India

Indian Olympian Maana Patel Sets 'Best Indian Time' In 100m Backstroke Event

At Canet leg of Mare Nostrum swimming meet in France, in the women's 100m backstroke event, Indian Olympian Maana Patel has set the "Best Indian Time". Maana (22), swimmer from Gujarat, who also represented India in Tokyo Olympics, clocked 100m in 1:03:69, surpassing her personal best. Furthermore, Maana finished 15th overall and qualified for the 'B' final, where she clocked 100m in 1:03:87.

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Naveen Patnaik virtually inaugurates OVEP

Photo: OrissaPOST

Odisha CM Virtually Launches Olympic Values Education Programme In 90 Schools

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik virtually inaugurated the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) in 90 schools on May 24. The International Olympic Committee created the OVEP as a practical set of resources. CM Naveen Patnaik remarked that this was the start of a new Olympic movement in India. The program's goal is to spread this value-based education so that children may grow up to be active, healthy, and responsible citizens.  

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China Flag

Photo: NDTV

China Uses Sports To Justify Human Rights Violations, Improve Its Image & Self-Esteem: Tibetan Activist

Chemi Lhamo, a Tibetan activist claimed that China is using sports to legitimize its "Human Rights violations and fake promises" during a meeting at the Human Rights Foundation Oslo Freedom Forum in New York. He claims that China utilized the 2008 and 2022 Olympics to improve its global reputation. He highlighted that China is utilizing sports to improve its image and self-esteem.

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Narinder Batra

Photo: Scroll

Indian Olympic Association Chief Accused Of 'Diversion' Of Money; CBI Launches Probe

Narinder Batra, chief of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and the president of International Hockey Federation, has been accused for diversion of funds. Reportedly, Batra diverted Rs 35 lakh of the Indian Hockey funds for his personal benefit. The CBI lodged a preliminary inquiry against Batra, on April 6. Batra is expected to be summoned by CBI for further investigation. 

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Sajan Prakash, Indian swimmer

Photo: myKhel

Union Sports Ministry Approves Financial Aid To Indian Swimmers

Union Sports Ministry's vision of providing financial aid to Indian swimmers was taken forward by the Union Sports Ministry's Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS). The assistance was given to people who were part of the core group of TOPS. Sajan Prakash was cleared an amount of Rs 15.1 lakh towards training and participating in multiple competitions. Prakash also opened up about this being an opportunity to match the international standards.… read-more

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Seshadri Kumar

Photo: The Better India

Former Banker Follows Passion; Turns Into Sports Photographer

Seshadri Sukumar, a Chennai-based 66-year-old former bank employee turned into a full-time sports photographer following his passion for the last 35 years. As a photographer, he has traveled all around the world covering major sporting events including Olympics, FIFA, Asian Games, ICC Cricket tournaments, and many more. He also won a gold medal from the Photographic Society of America during the 2016 Rio Olympics for his iconic images.

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Medallists in Olympic Games

Photo: Big Think

Bronze Medalist Seems Happier Than Silver Medal Winner: Research

It is often observed that there is a lack of joy and prosperity in the face of silver medallists in the Olympic Games than bronze medallists. A 1995 research paper published by psychologists Victoria Medvec, Thomas Gilovich, and Scott F Madey has found out why. The report claimed that the tendency of "counterfactual thinking" and psychology of "coming close" in human beings leads to such circumstances.

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