Mahatma Gandhi Statue Vandalised

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Mahatma Gandhi Statue Vandalised In Canada's Toronto; Indian Govt Expresses Outrage

Mahatma Gandhi's statue situated in a temple in Canada's Toronto, was vandalised on July 13. The 20-feet statue is situated in a Vishnu temple in Greater Toronto Area's Richmond Hill. Following the incident, Indian government expressed its outrage to Ottawa. Furthermore, a pro Khalistani message was left on the vandalised statue. A member of the temple board said that this is the first time such a thing has occurred.

Thu, 14 Jul 2022 - 08:16 PM / by Shibu Immanuel S

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Protests In Canada

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Canada Freezes Financial Assets Of Protestors Against COVID-19 Mandate

Amid the ongoing protests against COVID-19 mandate, Canadian authorities froze the finances associated with that of certain individuals and companies Involved. The tough financial measure has been taken after a week-long protests that resulted in several businesses getting affected. The protests started when a group of truck drivers opposed to the COVID-19 and testing mandate. The protests intensified after individuals and companies joined,… read-more

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Moved From Ottawa's Home Amid Protest

Amid the Covid-19 restrictions protest, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have left their Ottawa home, CBC said on January 30. Earlier on January 29, thousands of truckers and other protesters converged in the Capital city in protest against Covid-19 restrictions. On January 28, truckers had arrived on Wellington street in front of the parliament. However, protests have been going peacefully so far.

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Strongest Girl

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7-year-old Canadian Gymnast Rory van Ulft Lifts 80 Kg

Canada-based Rory Van Ulft, a 7-year-old girl, has become the social media sensation for probably being the strongest girl in the world. The gymnast-cum-weightlifter, Rory, had recently won the under-11 and under-13s Youth National Champion in the 30 kg category to become youngest youth national champion. Rory, who prefers gymnastics and started her training at the age of five, can successfully deadlift 80 kg, snatch 32kg, clean and jerk 42kg… read-more

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