Elon Musk's Startup Neuralink Makes Monkey Play Pong With Brain Signals

Elon Musk's brain-implant startup ‘Neuralink’ has released a video showing a nine-year-old monkey named 'Pager' playing pong on computer. In the video, Pager was seen controlling the game first with a joystick and then without joystick through the two chips implanted in his brain. As per the company, the experiment aims to enable people with paralysis control computer and smartphones completely with their brain signals. 

Fri, 09 Apr 2021 - 09:35 AM / by Harsh Vardhan

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Swami Om

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Ex-Big Boss Contestant, Self Proclaimed Godman Swami Om Passes Away

Former Big Boss contestant and self-proclaimed godman Swami Om passed away on February 3 at his Ghaziabad residence. Reportedly, three months ago, Swami Om had contracted for COVID-19. Though testing negative, his condition was nevertheless abysmal. Reportedly, his physical weakness deteriorated due to paralysis, ultimately culminating to his death. Swami Om is known for his controversial stint in the tenth season of the reality show.

Wed, 03 Feb 2021 - 05:28 PM / by Ashly Ann Varghese

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A paralyzed mouse in lab.

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German Scientist Successes Producing Artificial Nerve Fibres To Cure Paralysis

In an attempt to cure spinal-cord-induced-paralysis, German scientists from Bocham's Ruh University have claimed success in producing new nerve fibres for muscle-brain connection. As per the scientists, they stimulated nerve cells via designer protein "hyper-interleukin-6". Reportedly, the paralyzed-mice injected with the protein were able to walk after two-three weeks as new cells generated to carry information from brain to spine. However,… read-more

Sun, 24 Jan 2021 - 01:43 PM / by Harsh Vardhan

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