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Pentagon Sends ‘Most Accurate’ US Artillery Shell To Ukraine

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Pentagon has sent its most accurate artillery shell to Ukraine. The equipment is a GPS-guided Excalibur, and will be added to the arsenal assembled to combat Russia. The Excalibur was reportedly first used in Iraq, in 2007, in the high-profile killing of Al-Qaeda leader Abu Jurah. Reportedly the Excalibur has a range of 25 miles (40.5 kms). 

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Northrop Grumman Bags $3.2 Bn Deal To Supply Next-Gen Missile Interceptors To US

The US Defence department announced that Northrop Grumman has bagged a $3.2 billion contract to design, manufacture and supply the next-generation ground-based mid-course interceptor to the US. Grumman will now solely be responsible for developing and testing Ground-based Mid-course Weapon System (GWS). Reportedly, the GWS software and hardware… read-more

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India and China Flags

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China's Military Build-up In India's Himalayan Border Concerns Pentagon

Chinese Army's build up across the demarcation line in the Himalayan border has become a matter of concern for the Pentagon. Reports suggest that the line up is pretty similar to those that China builds against various nations, not just India. Reportedly, China deployed long-range strategic bombers in the area last month. On the bright side, experts believe that India will be able to withstand the pressure of China.

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India and China Flag.

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China Builds Small Village Near Arunachal Pradesh Border: Pentagon

In its report to the US Congress, the Pentagon said China has built a 100-home civilian, a large village along the Tsari river between the disputed area of India's Arunachal Pradesh and PRC's Tibet Autonomous Region. To strengthen its rapid response near the border, China has also deployed substantial reserve forces from Tibet and Xinjiang military districts. Reportedly, China is taking ''tactical actions to press its claims at the LAC''.

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Airstrikes in Afghanistan By US Military

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Airstrikes In Afghanistan To Support Afghan Troops, Says US

According to Pentagon, the United States military carried out airstrikes across Afghanistan to support the Afghan security forces who are fighting the Taliban alone. The Taliban, in recent days, has gained over many areas of Afghanistan by pushing back the Afghan military and taking over important territories. The defense officials reported that the US has carried out approximately six to seven airstrikes in the past 30 days. 

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Jeff Bezos

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Amazon Witnesses $8.4 Bn Hike After Pentagon Cancels Its Deal

US business magnate, Jeff Bezos’ net worth makes a new record of $211 billion, following a surge in Amazon’s share to 4.7% after 'Pentagon' canceled a cloud-computing contract with Microsoft Corp. The 57-year-old's record has been greater than the 2020 Amazon stock rise when his net worth reached $206.9 billion, and the current surge witnessed a hike of $8.4 billion. Besides, earlier this week Bezos resigned as Amazon’s chief executive.

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Pyramid shaped objects hovering above USS Russell

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Mysterious UFO-Like Objects Captured On Video By US Navy Personnel

The US Navy's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force has captured a night-vision video of three faint orbs and a triangular object flying above military vessel USS Russell.  Reportedly, the video clip was used in filmmaker Jeremy Corbell's documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers". Corbell confirmed that the video was shot by the US Navy. Interestingly, he also shared images of an unidentified “spherical” craft captured by… read-more

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A ship

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US Navy Ship Enters India's EEZ Without Permission; Pentagon Defends US

US navy ship asserted navigational rights in India's Exclusive Economic Zone off the coast of Lakshadweep without prior consent, stated the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on April 7. This was done to challenge India's "excessive maritime claims". Pentagon stated, "that's consistent with the international law". Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said it's the responsibility of the US to uphold freedom of navigation, rights and lawful uses… read-more

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Bahrain King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

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Trump Announces Normalisation of Bahrain, Israel Ties

Bahrain on September 11 became the latest Arab nation to normalise relations with Israel. Normalcy was announced on 19th anniversary of 9/11 by POTUS Donald Trump, who brokered negotiations between Israeli PM Netanyahu and Bahrain’s King Hamad Khalifa. Bahrain will also join the White House ceremony organised to mark the last month accord between Israel and UAE. Trump called the accord most powerful response to hatred that led to 9/11.

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Chinese Army Parade

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Pentagon Report Reveals China's Thrust to Double its Nuclear Arsenal

Pentagon has revealed that China is going to double its nuclear weapons, from its current 200s mark, over the decade. The study also pointed to Beijing's ability of completing a nuclear triad soon. The Pentagon further alarmed that China does not need any further addition to its fissile material for doubling the nuclear warheads. The report was surfaced during the US Congress' discussion over the $700 billion Defence Authorisation Bill.

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