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Scotland To Become 1st Country In World To Provide Free Period Products

Scotland will become the first country in the world on August 15 to offer universal access to free period products. According to the Scottish government, councils and educational establishments would be legally compelled to supply free period products to anybody in need. "Providing access to free period products is fundamental to equality and dignity, and removes the financial barriers to accessing them," stated Shona Robison, Social Justice… read-more

Sun, 14 Aug 2022 - 12:49 PM / by Vidhi Jhunjhunwala

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Actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra

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Check Out Shilpa Shetty's 3 Yoga Poses For Dealing With Menstrual Cramps & PCOD

Actor and reality television show host Shilpa Shetty Kundra recently shared a clip that features three easy yoga asanas. Taking to Instagram, she showed the asanas which reportedly helps in overcoming menstrual cramps, PCOD problems and harmonal imbalances. "Consistently practicing yoga helps overcome the pain and helps regulate the cycle," she captioned. The star performed three asanas- Child's Pose or Balasana following Lotus Pose, and… read-more

Wed, 23 Feb 2022 - 09:05 AM / by Madhvi Jha

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Swiggy Grants 2-Day Paid 'Period' Leave To Female Delivery Agents

Swiggy announced that it will provide a two-day paid monthly period leave to its regular female delivery agents, on October 20. The delivery agents can take the said leaves voluntarily in the month. This decision was made to ensure comfort to the female delivery partners. Notably, more than 99% of the females working in the firm are below 45 years of age, and almost 89% of them have a child. 

Thu, 21 Oct 2021 - 09:29 AM / by Nehal Surana

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21-year-old Indian Origin gets selected for MBE

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Amika George Achieves Third Rank In British's MBE List

The Indian origin Amika George is the youngest to get selected in MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) and has achieved the third rank on the list. The 21-year-old youngster started the campaign against poverty periods #FreePeriods four years ago aiming to eradicate period, the hurdle for schoolgirls to pursue education. Focusing upon free period products, the UK government started giving funds to educational institutes last year… read-more

Wed, 16 Jun 2021 - 03:51 PM / by Vanshika Sharma

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Former Miss World Manushi Chhillar

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Manushi Chhillar Joins UNICEF To Promote Menstrual Hygiene In India

UNICEF has chosen actress Manushi Chhillar to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene in India. Besides promoting menstrual hygiene education for girls before their first period, the initiative aims to sensitise males to be understanding, supportive and initiate conversations around periods. Determinedly engaged in enlightening menstrual hygiene issue, the ex-Miss World said, pandemic affected the menstrual hygiene life of females due to a lack… read-more

Fri, 28 May 2021 - 08:28 PM / by Aditi Chavan

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Vaccination and periods

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Govt Debunks Claims Of Vaccine Shot Being Harmful During Periods

The Centre on April 24 rejected all claims of a COVID-19 vaccine shot being unsafe for women if taken during menstruation. The clarification has come after several social media posts, urging women to not get vaccine jabs five days before and after their period cycle as their immunity is low during that period, went viral. The Press Information Bureau has discarded all claims and stated, "Do not fall for rumours."

Sun, 25 Apr 2021 - 11:08 AM / by Nikita Thakur

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5 Yoga Asanas Including Suryanamaskar Can Tackle Irregular Periods: Expert

Performing yoga is one of the best ways to regulate irregular periods and painful menstrual cramps, said Dr Dixa Bhavsar. For this, Dr Bhaskar suggested of doing 5 yoga asanas - Suryanamaskar, Kapalbhati, Dhanurasana, Bhadrasana and Vajrasana (after meals). She said women should do the yoga asanas daily in order to keep the period cycle regular. She explained that irregular periods can be caused by hormonal imbalances, using certain… read-more

Mon, 08 Mar 2021 - 12:55 PM / by Nikita Thakur

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Period room Thane

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In A First, Public Toilet Gets 'Period Room' In Maharashtra's Thane

Setting up a "period room" at a public toilet, Maharashtra's Thane city has strived to facilitate menstrual hygiene among women dwelling in slums. The Thane Municipal Corporation and an NGO have jointly instituted the facility in a slum in the Shanti Nagar locality of Wagle Estate area. The facility is equipped with a urinal, jet spray, toilet roll holder, soap, running water and dustbin. The Rs 45,000 facility is touted as the first-of-its-… read-more

Sun, 10 Jan 2021 - 02:20 PM / by Ashly Ann Varghese

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Akshay Kumar and Narendra Modi

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Actor Akshay Kumar Applauds PM Modi for Talking about Menstruation

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar applauded Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi for talking about menstruation in his 74th Independence Day speech from the Red Fort, on August 15. The actor himself is an active promoter of the topic of menstrual health and hygiene, and has thereby commended PM Modi for being the first Indian PM to have broken the stigma. The PM has also received… read-more

Sat, 15 Aug 2020 - 10:43 PM / by Tania Mukhopadhyay

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