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Pfizer Chief Albert Bourla Wins Genesis Prize For Covid-19 Vaccine

Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer Pharmaceutical, was awarded the prestigious Genesis Prize on January 19. The $1 million award is granted for his efforts in developing world leading COVID-19 vaccine. ''Bourla had received the largest number of votes in an online campaign in which some 2,00,000 people in 71 countries participated'', stated the Prize Foundation. Meanwhile, Bourla hopes to travel to Jerusalem this summer for the event. 

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Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

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Israel Approves 4th Shot Of COVID-19 Vaccine For People Over 60: PM Bennett

Israel PM Naftali Bennett on January 2, approved the fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine to medical staff and people over 60 due to the spread of the Omicron variant. The vaccine is developed by Pfizer and it is said to be a new layer of defense. People who received the third dose at least four months ago are reportedly eligible to take the fourth dose.

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Oral Antiviral Pills

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Oral Antiviral Pills May Effectively Reduce Severe Effects Of Covid-19: Experts

Oral antiviral tablets from Merck & Co and Pfizer Inc have been proven to vastly reduce the severe effects of Covid-19 if used early. Doctors advise vaccine critics not to mix the benefits of medications with the prevention provided by vaccinations. "By relying exclusively on an antiviral's going to be better than nothing, but it's a… read-more

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pfizer logo

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Pfizer COVID Pills Highly Effective At Preventing Deaths; Suggests Trials

Pfizer on November 5, said that its experimental pill for COVID-19 reduced the rate of hospitalization and deaths of patients to nearly 90 percent. Reportedly, the drugmaker has recently joined in the race of making the world's first, easy consume medicine for Corona Virus in the United States. The company will be seeking approval from the FDA and international… read-more

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Vials of Moderna Vaccine

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Vaccines Are Effective Against COVID-19 Delta-Variant, Study Reveals

Owing to the National data, the US has proved that the vaccines are effective at preventing hospitalizations and emergency visits if infected by the Delta strain of the Covid-19 virus. Reportedly, authors noted that unvaccinated people were 5-7 times more at risk of needing emergency care. However, Regenstrief Institute's President Shaun Grannis, who was leading the study has urged everyone eligible to get vaccinated.

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Moderna Vaccine

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Moderna Vaccine Generates Double Antibodies Compared To Pfizer & BioNTech SE

Compared to a similar shot manufactured by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE, Moderna Inc.'s Covid vaccine generated more than double the antibodies. After receiving two doses of the Moderna vaccine, people who had never been infected with the coronavirus had average antibody levels of 2,881 units per millilitre, compared to 1,108 units/mL in an equal group who received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Besides, Moderna constitutes a higher active… read-more

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Moderna and Pfizer

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Efficacy Of RNA Covid Vaccines, Moderna And Pfizer, Reduced To 66%

Pfizer and Moderna, the RNA Covid vaccines, are only 66% effective against the Delta variant, a study published by several US health workers stated. The study previously showed 91% efficacy from December 14, 2020, to April 10, 2021. However, the spread of the delta variant dropped the potency to 66%. "The sustained two-thirds reduction in infection risk underscores the continued importance and benefits of COVID-19 vaccination," the authors… read-more

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SII demands indemnity on the pretext of equality

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Serum Institute Of India Demands Indemnity Against Vaccines' Side Effect

Signifying the "same rules for everyone", SII has demanded for indemnity protection against liabilities from government. Reportedly, Pfizer and Moderna's vaccine makers have introduced indemnity as a condition to provide vaccines to India. Examining the legal protection permitted in other countries, Health Ministry acclaimed "there is no problem" to grant indemnity in India. "We are examining... interest of people and on merits," said… read-more

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Representational photo: Pfizer vaccine.

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Pfizer Vaccine 'Highly Effective' Against B.1.617 Variant, Claims Manufacturer

US vaccine maker Pfizer has sought a fast-track approval for its COVID-19 vaccine from the Centre claiming that it is 'highly effective' against the B.1.617 variant in India. Besides, the company also assured that its vaccine is suitable for everyone above age 12 and can be stored for one month at 2-8 degrees. This comes after Pfizer proposed 5-crore doses to India with certain relaxations earlier this week.

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Sputnik V

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Delhi To Get Sputnik V Vaccines, Says Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on May 26 announced the supply of Sputnik V vaccine, but the quantity to be supplied remains uncertain. Introducing Delhi's first drive-through vaccination centre in Dwarka, CM Kejriwal also emphasized the effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in kids. The drive-through vaccination centre will be established at Chhatrasal on May 28. The state might go for unlock process after May 31 if COVID-19 cases start… read-more

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