Wagner Chief

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Wagner Chief Yevgeny Likely To Be Dead In Russia Plane Crash

A private jet crash to the north of Moscow has resulted in the loss of ten lives, according to the Russian Civil Aviation Authority, which has also indicated the presence of Yevgeny Prigozhin on the passenger list. The aircraft, an Embraer, was carrying seven passengers and three crew members, en route from Moscow to St Petersburg, confirm a news agency. Yevgeny was one, who revolted against Vladimir Putin.

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Four Missing Children After Plane Crash In Amazon Alive After 40 Days

Four Indigenous children who had been missing for more than a month in the Colombian Amazon rainforest after a small plane crash have been found alive, said President Gustavo Petro. "Today we have had a magical day," Petro said to the media. "They are weak. Let's let the doctors make their assessment," he added. The president earlier posted a photo on Twitter and confirmed the survived adults and kids.

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Indian Origin woman died in plane crash

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Indian Origin Woman Dies In Plane Crash, Daughter & Pilot Critical

An Indian-origin woman Roma Gupta (63) has died while her daughter Reeva Gupta (33) and the 23-year-old pilot instructor were injured in a small plane crash in the New York area. The incident occurred on March 5, when the three were on a demonstration flight in the four-seater single-engine Piper Cherokee plane. It was a demonstration flight, an introductory flight… read-more

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Rajnath Singh

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'Post Of CDS Will Be Filled Soon', Says Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Speaking at a media briefing, union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that a new Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) will appointed soon. He further stated that the "process for it is underway". The announcement comes after India's first CDS General Bipin Rawat passed away in a plane crash, in December 2021. The post of CDS is of the highest uniformed officer in rank.

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Tara Air Plane


Missing Tara Air Plane Discovered In Mustang's Kowang Village: Nepal Army

Tara Air's 9 NAET twin-engine aircraft, which went missing in Mustang's hilly area on May 29, was discovered in Kowang hamlet. The plane crashed at the entrance of the Lamche river underneath the avalanche of Manapathi Himal, according to information provided to the Nepal Army by villagers. "We are deploying a helicopter to the area for the search operation," said Ram Kumar Dani, DSP of District Police Office, Mustang. 

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Tara Airlines

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Nepalese Airline Losts Contact Hours After Take Off, 22 Passengers On Board

In Nepal, a private airlines plane with 22 passengers including four Indians has gone missing in the mountainous region of the Himalayan. The plane named the Twin Otter 9N-AET plane belonging to Tara Air, which took off from Pokhara on the morning of May 29, lost contact with the tower 15 minutes after it flew, confirmed airlines spokesperson Sudarshan Bartaula. Notably, it is suspected that the plane has crashed.

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Aero Club Tourist Plane Crashes In Les Adrets, France; 5 Dead Including A Kid

In southeast France, a tourist aircraft crashed near the village of Les Adrets. On May 21, five bodies, including a kid, were recovered at the accident site. Local authorities were alerted by eyewitnesses to the incident, and over 60 firefighters were dispatched to the scene to put out the fire. The plane was taking its first flight and belonged to an aero club. An inquiry is ongoing by local authorities. 

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China Plane Crash

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Plane Crash In South China's Chongqing Injures 25 People

Passenger train crashed at runway in China, injuring 25 people after it caught fire while taking off. Happened on May 11, the flight was taking off from Chongqing Airport. The Tibet Airlines carrying 113 passengers and nine crew members. Furthermore, all the people on board were evacuated and injured were rushed to a hospital for treatment. As per sources, the cause of fire is yet to be known. 

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Boeing 737-800

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Chinese Airlines Resumes Boeing 737-800 Which Killed 132 People

The Chinese Airlines resumed flying Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which recently crashed and killed approximately 132 passengers, on board. As per sources, on April 17, the craft which was grounded by the aviation ministry resumed flying three-year-old series of Boeing flights. Notably, after the deadly crash, the concerned authority grounded  the Boeing 737-800 series and launched an extensive investigation, including safety checks of the craft… read-more

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Chinese Plane Crash

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Chinese Plane Carrying 132 On Board Crashes In Guangxi; Explosion Creates Forest Fire

A Chinese Eastern Airlines plane carrying 132 people crashed in the southern province of Guangxi on March 21, as per sources. About 123 passengers and nine crew members were on board. Rescue operations have been initiated and teams have been dispatched. So far, no immediate number of injuries or deaths have been revealed. According to flight-tracking site FlightRadar24, "flight no. MU5735 swiftly lost speed at 0620 GMT before the… read-more

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