Japan Heatwaves

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Japanese Govt Urges Citizens To Conserve Power Amid Rising Heatwave & Power Shortage

In an official statement, the Japanese government urged its citizens to conserve power, amid possible power shortages in the Tokyo region, especially when the nation reported heatwaves. The economy and industry ministry urged people, serviced by Tokyo Electric Power Co. to turn off lights for three hours, from 3 pm -Tokyo time, and use air conditions in extreme heat. Furthermore, on June 26, many people were admitted amid heat stroke.

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Power Lines

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Maha Govt Approves High Voltage Direct Current Amid Power Failures.

The Maharashtra Government finally cleared the implementation of 80km +/-320 kV high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line between Kudus and Aarey Colony, announced on May 14. Notably, Adani Electricity Mumbai Infra (AEMI) will be constructing the HVDC, to ease electricity supply, especially after two major power failures. The new implementation will help evacuate 1000MW power from outside to meet the ever-rising demand for power in… read-more

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Power Outage Due To Technical Issues & Not Coal Shortage, Clarifies PSPCL Official: Punjab

An official of the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has chalked up the recent power outages to technical issues, dismissing concerns about coal shortage. Sanjeev Prabhakar, the Deputy Engineer at the West Circle (Ludhiana) of the PSPCL has shared, "There is no shortage of coal in the state". He further stated that the demand for electricity has increased to "about 30 to 40 percent all across the country".

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Union Coal Minister Prahlad Joshi Slams AAP Over Coal Shortage "Lies"

Union Coal Minister Prahlad Joshi has called out the Aam Aadmi Party over coal shortage "lies." This comes after AAP leader Raghav Chadhav flagged the coal shortage. Chadha had claimed that more than a dozen states had only about two days of supply left. In his response, Joshi noted that the Central Government had been closely monitoring the situation; and that there is no need to be concerned.

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Haryana Power Minister Ranjit Singh

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Haryana To Get Power From Other States To Meet Demand

Haryana Power Minister Ranjit Singh has shared that the state would be receiving additional power from states like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The minister shared that over 1200 to 1400 megawatts would be taken from Adani He added that around  350 MW and 150 MW of power would be received from the states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh in that order.

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Power Lines

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Coal Shortage May Lead Power Outage For Metros, Hospital: Delhi Govt

In view of the coal shortage, the Aam Aadmi Party-led Delhi government warned of a possible interruption of electricity supply to important establishments like metro trains and hospitals. On April 28, the Arvind Kejriwal government released a statement that read, "Due to disruption of power supply from Dadri-II and Unchahar power stations, there may be a problem in 24-hours power supply". The statement came after an emergency meeting.

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Power Supply

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Centre Allocates 207MW Of Additional Electricity Supply To J&K

The central government has allocated 207MW of additional electricity supply to Jammu and Kashmir, to meet the increased electricity demands in the union territory. Earlier on April 27, PM Modi, in the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, approved the investment of Rs 4,526.12 crore for the 540MW Kwar Hydro electric project, in J&K's Kishtwar district. Also, the project's construction will reportedly employee 2,500 employees directly and… read-more

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Power Crisis In Pakistan: Red Zones Affected

The power load shedding in several areas in Pakistan amid the rising heat is adding to the misery of the people. The power supply in Pakistan has been disrupted due to a shortage of around 300 megawatts from the national power grid. The demand for electricity has climbed up to 21,000 megawatts. The shutdown of several major power plants in Pakistan, is a key factor in the power crisis.

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Union Power Ministry Amends Methodology For Use Of Coal

The Union Power Ministry has amended the methodology for the use of coal allocated to states by Independent Power Producers (IPPs). The period of coal supply has been extended from one year to three. The time frame for the bidding process has also been cut down from 67 days to just 37 days. The ministry has stated that this has been done to ensure an efficient use of domestic coal.

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Pakistan Runs Out Of Power, Power Plants File Complaint

The shutdown of several power plants in Pakistan, thanks to scarcity of fuel, and other technical issues, have led to a massive power crunch in Pakistan. With a production of only 15,500 megawatts, the country is currently unable to meet the demand of over 21,500 megawatts. The power plant authorities have filed complaints against the Central Power Purchasing Agency Guarantee over a lack of sufficient funds.

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