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Former AAP Founder Member Prashant Bhushan Claims, "IAC was Propped by RSS and BJP"

Speaking in an interview, Prashant Bhushan accused that India Against Corruption (IAC) movement was "propped up by the RSS and BJP". He said that the movement was used against the ruling UPA government, to bring it down and neither Anna Hazare nor he(Bhushan) knew about it. However, he added that Arvind Kejriwal was aware of it. … read-more

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Prashant Bushan

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Prashant Bhushan Pays Rs 1 Fine to Supreme Court; Says Will File Review Petition

Prashant Bhushan on September 14 paid fine of Rs 1, which the Supreme Court had imposed on him as a punishment in the contempt case. Bhushan said, "Just because I'm submitting the fine doesn't mean I have accepted the verdict," and added that he will file a review petition. Earlier, Bhushan was booked under contempt of court for criticising Chief Justice of India SA Bobde and the apex court.

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Prashant Bhushan

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Prashant Bhushan Refuses to Withdraw His Remarks on the Supreme Court

Advocate Prashant Bhushan on August 24 has refused to apologise for his contemptuous tweets against CJI and the Supreme Court. The advocate said that it was his duty to offer constructive criticism when he believed that the court deviated from its role. Earlier, he was held guilty of contempt, and was offered an opportunity to avoid the punishment- a fine, 6-month jail or both- by apologising before the… read-more

Tue, 25 Aug 2020 - 01:50 AM / by Tania Mukhopadhyay

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Prashant Bhushan

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Prashant Bhushan Files Review Petition on SC Order, Requests Deferment of Proceedings

Senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan moved the Supreme Court after its judgement on August 14, holding Bhushan guilty of criminal contempt of court for his two derogatory tweets. Bhushan has filed a "review petition" in the court against the order, and has requested a deferment of the proceedings until his application is considered. The court in its order, found his tweets to be against the Judiciary and its functioning.

Wed, 19 Aug 2020 - 07:52 PM / by Debanshi Das

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SC to hear larger questions in 2009 contempt cases

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Supreme Court to Address Larger Questions Involved in 2009 Contempt Case

On August 17, Supreme Court (SC) bench headed by Justice Mishra mentioned that there are three major issues that needs to be examined in the contempt case of advocate Prashant Bhushan in 2009. The order was passed during the hearing of Bhushan, who in an interview with Tehelka magazine, had talked about judicial corruption. The lawyer appearing for Bhushan agreed that the questions raised are 'meaningful'. 

Tue, 18 Aug 2020 - 07:41 PM / by Bhavyata Kagrana

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Prashant Bhushan held guilty of contempt

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Prashant Bhushan Guilty of Contempt for Tweets Against CJI, Judiciary

Advocate and activist Prashant Bhushan has been held guilty of contempt on August 14 for his tweets against the Chief Justice of India SA Bobde and the Supreme Court. A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Justice Arun Mishra, rejected Bhushan's explanation that he was exercising his freedom of speech.The Supreme Court will announce the quantum of punishment on August 20.

Fri, 14 Aug 2020 - 05:13 PM / by Kajol Pravina

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Supreme Court of India

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SC Permits Bhushan, Shourie and Ram to Withdraw Plea Against 'Contempt Law'

Supreme Court permitted Prashant Bhushan, Arun Shourie, and N Ram to withdraw their plea challenging constitutionality of the offence of 'scandalizing the court' under Section 2(c)(i) of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, on August 13. Senior advocate Rajeev Dhawan informed the bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra, that petitioners wanted to withdraw the plea and did not want "this to be entangled" with other similar petitions in the court.

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