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Inflation In India Leads To Skyrocketing Prices Of Onions

The rising cost of onions is raising fears about rising family spending and possible inflation. According to government data dated October 25, the maximum retail price of onions has increased to approximately Rs 70 per kilogram. This upward trend is anticipated to persist until December, when the kharif crop is available for purchase. The prices are soon expected to skyrocket in Indian regions, including Ghaziabad and Noida.

Fri, 27 Oct 2023 - 12:33 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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Tomato Prices Continues To Hike, Will Be 250/kg In Coming Week

Tomatoes prices and constant hike gives no relief for people, especially those in the two Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad. Due to heavy to very heavy rainfall in Hyderabad, the prices of tomatoes, which were already high, skyrocketed in the past few days. According to sources, from Rs 140, the prices of now termed as 'most expensive vegetable' touched Rs 200/kg and are expected to 250/kg this week. 

Mon, 31 Jul 2023 - 09:33 AM / by Varsha Joshi

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Vegetable Vendor Hires Bouncers To Safeguard His Tomatoes: Varanasi

In a hilarious incident, a vendor from Varanasi hired bouncers so that he can keep their tomatoes safe.  A vegetable vendor name Ajay Fauji said, "I have hired bouncers because the tomato price is too high." He further said that while shopping customers often get into a fight, indulge in violence and sometimes end up looting tomatoes, from his shop. The tomato price surge is troubling people, especially vendors.

Mon, 10 Jul 2023 - 10:30 AM / by Varsha Joshi

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No Tomatoes In Burgers Of McDonald's, Skyrocketing Prices To Be Blamed

Worried about the skyrocketing prices of vegetables, especially tomatoes many outlets of McDonald's dropped tomatoes and the veggie from their burger menus.  The rising prices now forced big outlets of McDonald's and Burger King to not serve the item to their customers. One outlet shared a notice, "For the time being, we are forced to serve you products without tomatoes. We are working to get the tomato supplies back."

Fri, 07 Jul 2023 - 02:23 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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BRS Stage Protest

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BRS To Stage Protest Against LPG Gas Cylinder In Telangana

The BRS-led Telangana Government called for a state-wide protest against the recent hike of LPG Gas Cylinders in India. The K Chandrashekar Rao led Government will hit roads and demonstrate protests against the ruling BJP Government on March 2 and 3. BRS working president and Minister KT Rama Rao called upon party cadre including Ministers, legislators and other leaders to organise demonstrations in all mandal, constituency and district… read-more

Thu, 02 Mar 2023 - 01:00 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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LPG Gas Cylinder

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LPG Gas Cylinder Prices Hikes By Rs 50 In India, 1st Since July 22

In effect from March 1, the Indian Oil Companies (IOC,) hiked prices of domestic LPG gas cylinders in India. the oil marketing companies announced a hike of Rs 50 on each 14.2 kg gas cylinder.  This is the first hike in domestic cylinder prices since July 6, 2022. With this, cylinders will be Rs 1,103 in Delhi, Rs. 1,102.50 in Mumbai, Rs. 1,129 in Kolkata and Rs. 1,118.50 in Chennai.read-more

Wed, 01 Mar 2023 - 11:04 AM / by Varsha Joshi

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Mumbai Raises CNG Prices By Rs 6 Per Kg, PNG Prices By Rs 4 Per Unit With Immediate Effect

Mahanagar Gas (MGL), a Mumbai-based gas distributor, has announced a second price increase of Rs 6 per kilogram for compressed natural gas (CNG) and Rs 4 per unit for piped natural gas (PNG), both effective immediately. The price increase coincides with growing natural gas prices at the source, both globally and for domestically drilled gas. This is the sixth increase in prices since April of this year.

Wed, 03 Aug 2022 - 10:30 AM / by Vidhi Jhunjhunwala

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LPG Cylinder

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LPG Gas Cylinder Prices Hikes Again By Rs 50 In India, 8th Time In Year

Cooking gas LPG prices hiked for the fourth time since the Ukraine-Russia war, on July 6. The new prices with an increase of Rs 50 are at Rs 1,053 for non-subsidised LPG gas.  In the past one year, this is the eighth hike in prices, taking the total rise to Rs 244, or 30%. However, poor beneficiaries under Ujjwala connection will not pay the non-subsidized LPG prices.

Wed, 06 Jul 2022 - 07:19 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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Tata Motors

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Tata Motors Announces Price Hike For Commercial Vehicles, In Effect From July 1

Tata Motors has announced a price hike in its commercial vehicle range, starting from July 1, 2022. According to sources, the increase in price will be in the range of 1.5-2.5%, depending upon model and size of vehicle. The decision to hike prices came amid extensive measures to absorb a significant portion of the increased input costs in manufacturing. Furthermore, Tata Motors witnessed a  steep rise in overall input costs.

Tue, 28 Jun 2022 - 07:25 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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CNG Price

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CNG Prices Hike For 12th Time In 2 Months; Now Costs Rs 73.61 Per Kg In Delhi

CNG prices have increased in the national capital, yet again. On May 16, the cost of CNG has been increased by Rs 2 per Kg. This is the 12th increament in the price in the last two months, with which, CNG now costs Rs 73.61 per kg, up from Rs 71.61 per kg. On the whole, the prices have risen by Rs 17.6 per kg in the past two months.

Mon, 16 May 2022 - 02:31 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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