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India Sends 21,000 Tonnes Of Fertilisers To Sri LankanAs Humanitarian Assistance

Amid the ongoing Sri Lankan crisis, India has donated around 21,000 tonnes of fertilisers to the crisis-ridden nation. Notably, India supplied 44,000 tonnes of fertilisers to Sri Lanka in the previous month. With this, India has provided support to the island nation worth USD 4 billion. The economic crisis in Sri Lanka continues to stay grim, with UN warning that 5.7 million people in Sri Lanka “require immediate humanitarian assistance”.

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Eight Sri Lankan Refugees Arrive At Tamil Nadu’s Dhanushkodi

Eight Sri Lankan refugees arrived at Tamil Nadu’s Dhanushkodi at around 2 am, on August 22. The persons include three men, three children and two women. The refugees are from three families, and they reportedly hail from Jaffna, Talaimannar and Trincomalee. An investigation is underway, and the Coastal Security Group police is currently investigating the matter. Further details are awaited.

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Sri Lankan Army Tank

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Army Tanks Deployed Near Sri Lankan Parliament; Three-Layer Protection Given

Amid the ongoing Sri Lankan crisis, to prevent the protestors from entering into the parliament, army tanks have been deployed in the area. The parliament has been given three layers of protection- police, army and special forces. This has come after protestors stormed the PM's office on July 14. Meanwhile, president Gotabaya Rajapaksa who fled the country, took a Saudi Arabian flight from Maldives to Singapore.

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Sri Lankan Economic Crisis: Health Ministry Reports Drug Shortage

Amid the ongoing economic crisis in the island nation, Healthy Ministry had reported a drug shortage in the country, on April 14. The shortage has come possibly due to a delay in opening the Letter of Credit, including the one India gave, reported Sri Lanka's Newswire. The ministry then stated that some hospitals are witnessing a shortage in certain drugs and medical equipments.

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