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Rajasthan Doctors Go On Strike Protesting Against Right To Health Bill

In Rajasthan, thousands of doctors went on strike, protesting against the Right to Health Bill, passed by State CM Ashok Gehlot. The Indian Medical Association in Rajasthan doctors and staff protested against the Congress-led Rajasthan Government, demanding to revoke the bill, which is said to be a politically motivated move. Furthermore, Sunil Chugh, Rajasthan president of the IMA said to back “all the 55,000 public and private doctors of… read-more

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Ashok Gehlot

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Rajasthan CM Announces Free Bus Service For Woman

Ashok Gehlot, the CM of Rajasthan, announced a special offer for female citizens of Rajasthan. Marking the International Women's Day, the Congress-led Government announced free bus travel for a day to all women. The service started on March 7, and will continue till March 8. Announced on Holi, it will be of maximum benefit to those who are travelling after celebrating the festival of Holi-Dhulandi

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Ashok Gehlot

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Rajasthan Govt Transfers 10 IAS Officers Under Administration Reshuffle

In Rajasthan, ten IAS officials were transferred under the administrative reshuffle. On August 27 night, the Congress-led Rajasthan Government decided to transfer the officials and issued an order in this regard. Some of the IAS who were transferred are Ajitabh Sharma, Avichal Chaturvedi, Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Rohit Gupta, Kumari Renu Jaipal, Pushpa Satyani, Pukhraj Sen, Mukul Sharma, Dr Amit Yadav and Atul Prakash.

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Udaipur Beheading Tragedy

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Rajasthan Government Establishes SIT To Investigate Udaipur Beheading Tragedy

Rajasthan government formed a Special Investigation Team on June 28 to investigate the suspected beheading of a man by two men in Udaipur. Udaipur Internet services have been halted, and curfew has been enforced. Riyaz Akhtar and Ghos Mohammad, the two suspects, were apprehended. Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor, the victim allegedly made a remark in favor of… read-more

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Alwar demolition

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3 Govt Officials Suspended Over Alwar Temple Demolition

The Congress-led Rajasthan government has suspended three government officials, in connection with the Alwar temple demolition. Among the officials are a Sub-Divisional Magistrate, the Chairman of the Rajgarh Municipality Board and the Nagar Panchayat Executive Officer. This comes after a centuries-old temple was demolished with bulldozers last week. Apart from the temple, as many as eighty-six shops and temples were also demolished in the… read-more

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Ashok Gehlot

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Karauli Violence Incident, Govt Forms Fact Finding Committee For Probe

In Rajasthan, the Congress-led government formed a three-panel committee to probe the recent "Karauli Religious violence". The Ashok Gehlot government formed committee will be led by MLAs Jitendra Singh, Rafiq Khan and Karauli district-in-charge Lalit Yadav.  The committee will investigate the matter and submit its report to Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee. Meanwhile, the state police arrested 46 people involved in stone pelting incident… read-more

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Vaibhav Gehlot

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FIR Filed Against Vaibhav Gehlot Over Fraud Allegations: Gujarat

An FIR has been registered against Vaibhav Gehlot son of Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, as stated by senior police officer, Gangapur police station. Complainant Sushil Patil stated that in 2018, he was asked by Gujarat Congress member Sachin Valre, who allegedly is close to Vaibhav Gehlot, to invest in a private limited company. Patil then stated that a video call was arranged with Vaibhav who assured him of his returns.

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Ashok Gehlot

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Ashok Gehlot Govt Lifts Night Curfew In Rajasthan: COVID-19

Amid declining COVID-19 cases, the Congress led Rajasthan Government, decided to end restrictions in the State. On February 4, the government issued an order, lifting night curfew, allowing 250 people for cultural, political, regional, sports and wedding events. In addition, the Ashok Gehlot Government also allowed religious places to reopen for devotees. Then new COVID-19 relaxations will be in effect from February 5.

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Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot

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Rajasthan CM Writes To PM Modi Over Amendments In IAS Cadre Rules

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot wrote to PM Narendra Modi, on January 21. In the letter he raised objection over the recent amendments in the IAS cadre rules. Gehlot said that the new amendment, which allows the Central Government to call IAS officers on deputation without State Government and concerned officials' permission. Rajasthan CM took to Twitter and said, the new change violates the constitutional jurisdiction and affects cooperative… read-more

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Oath taking ceremony in Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan CM Allots Portfolios To Newly Sworned Ministers

Rajasthan government on November 22 allocated portfolios to the newly sworned in ministers. CM Ashok Gehlot will hold Ministries such as Home, Taxation, Finance, and IT & Communication. Education Ministry has been given to Dr. BD Kalla, followed by Health to Parsadilal Meena, Agriculture to Lal Chand Kataria, Environment to Hemaram Choudhary, and Tourism to Vishvendra Singh. Mamta Bairwa will handle the Women and Child Welfare Ministry.… read-more

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