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Jammu & Kashmir: Bus Fell From Gorge, Killed 10 People And 55 Are Injured

Jammu and Kashmir death toll mounted to 10, and injured people increased to 20, after a bus travelling from Amritsar to Katra, fell in a gorge. The tragic accident occurred today morning near Jhajjar-Kotli, 15 km from Katra in Jammu. Furthermore, a rescue operation is underway and almost all the passengers have been evacuated, confirmed SP Chandan Kohli. He also said the bus was carrying more than permitted passengers.

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Operation Kaveri

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Indian Air Force Rescued 192 Stranded Indians From War Hit Sudan

In non-stop 24 hours flights, the Indian Air Force (IAF) rescued another batch of Indian nationals stranded in war hit Sudan. As per sources, in this IAF trip, the Indian air force officials flew the G-17 Globemaster-III aircraft and rescued Indians. With this, the Indian Government launched 'Operation Kaveri' rescued approximately 3,862 stranded nationals. The mission was one of a kind, airlifting children, women and students from war-torn… read-more

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Another Avalanche Hits Nathu La, Rescue Operation Stopped: Sikkim

In less than 24 hours, another avalanche hit Nathu La, due to which an ongoing rescue operation was called off. As per sources, on April 4, an avalanche hit Nathu La's higher altitude, leaving seven people dead. Many tourists were said to have been trapped, following which the Sikkim rescue team started an operation to save those trapped. Furthermore, the weather is said to be disturbing with heavy snowfall.

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Avalanche Kills 6 Tourists, 50 Missing In Nathula China Border: Sikkim

On road 14th mile on Jawaharlal Nehru road connecting Gangtok with Nathula at the India-China border, a massive avalanche killed 6 tourists. Furthermore, 50 are said to be missing in Sikkim, confirmed sources. The Sikkim Police who are trying to find tourists said, although tourists were permitted to go up to 13th Mile, many had gone up to 15th Mile resulting in tragedy. A rescue and search operation is underway.

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Building Collapse

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3 Killed, 5 Injured In Building Collapse Incident: Visakhapatnam

In a tragic incident, three people including two children died whereas five received severe injuries when a three-storeyed building collapsed in Ramajogipeta near the Collectorate in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.  The incident occurred at 1:30 am, on March 23. The deceased were identified as Anjali (10,) Durgaprasad (14) and  Chotu (35.) The constant rainfall and weak foundation of the building is said to… read-more

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Explosion Reported At Cold Storage Unit In Meerut, Workers Trapped

In Uttar Pradesh's Meerut, an explosion of the compressor at cold storage was reported. In the incident which occurred on February 24 afternoon, 15 workers are suspected to be trapped under the lenter of the unit. The lenter plunged due to the jolt of the explosion and the pressure of the burst.  There were over 25 workers in the unit, of which 12 are evacuated. A rescue operation is underway.

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Rescue Team

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Indian Rescue Force Returns From Earthquake Hit Turkey-Syria

The 47-member Indian rescue team, which went to the earthquake hit Turkey-Syria, returned to India on February 17. The team of NDRF along with dog squad Rambo and Honey flew to India after conducting a 10-day rescue operation in the quake hit region. After 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey-Syria, the Indian Government announced 'Operation Dost'and sent a team from the Indian Army to set up rescue zones in Turkey.

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Syria-Turkey Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 15,000; Rescue Operation Underway

Turkey-Syria disastrous earthquake killed over 15,000 people and left over 60,000 people severely injured. Furthermore, rescue operations are underway with difficulties and cold temperatures. Many survivors are said to be trapped and are going without food and water, facing severe freezing temperatures. In addition, the Turkey Disaster Management and rescue aid from over 65 countries including India reached Turkey to help the victims in… read-more

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Turkey-Syria Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 7,400

The Syria-Turkey Earthquake death toll continues to rise and has reached over 7,300 till February 8. Yesterday, the region witness five extreme jolts of the earthquake, which left thousands of people injured, buildings and property damaged, with the loss of several lives. Many people are freezing with no shelter or aid. Furthermore, the Turkey Disaster Management, with the help of Indian forces are continuing rescue operations and help those… read-more

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Syria-Turkey Earthquake

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Syria-Turkey Earthquake; Death Toll Rises To 4,000

The Indian Government send its first batch of aid to Istanbul, extending help to handle the severe consequences of the Syria-Turkey earthquake. the two earthquakes in the Syria-Turkey regions killed over 4,000 people and left many injured, with several building collapses and property damaged. The rescue operation under disaster management is underway and the death toll is expected to rise further.

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