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Exercise Reverses Cognitive Decline In Aging Mice, Claims Study

According to a Study, exercising daily can offer multiple potential health benefits. Exercise leads to an increase in circulating growth hormone (GH), resulting in an improvement in cognitive functions. The researchers found that 35 days of continuous exercise improved learning and memory deficits in aging animals. “The work we conducted identifies some key mechanisms as to how and why exercise induces [cognitive] changes,” stated a… read-more

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Eating Excess Spinach Everyday Might Pose Threat To Health: Study

According to a study, spinach can turn harmful if consumed in excess. However, consuming a small bowl of spinach daily won’t lead to any side effects. It contains histamine, which might trigger a minor pseudo allergic effect. The green vegetable has loads of fibre, that can lead to stomach issues such as bloating, gas, and cramps. Reportedly, people who suffer from joint pain should avoid the consumption of spinach.

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Cancer Patients May Live Longer If Given Anti-nausea Drug: Study

At the ANESTHESIOLOGY 2021 annual meeting, the findings of a new study said if an anti-nausea drugs such as dexamethasone, given to patients with breast, pancreatic, and certain other types of cancer during the surgery, they may live longer. Reportedly, the chances of death become thrice for those who didn't get dexamethasone during surgery than those who did. ''Physician anesthesiologists should feel more confident in administering… read-more

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Researchers Designed A New Way For Capturing Crystal-Clear Pictures In Muddy Water

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Capture Crystal-Clear Pictures Under Muddy Water With New Technology

Scientists have designed a new way for capturing crystal-clear pictures even while looking through muddy water research published in the Journal Optics Express. The new technique may be beneficial for locating drowning victims, recording submerged archaeological artifacts, and keeping a check on aquaculture systems. Conventionally, it's difficult to get a good image underwater because the water and the particles in it deflect light… read-more

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Air Pollution And Obesity Are Closely Linked According To A Research

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Obese Children Are More Likely To Develop Asthma, Claims Study

According to research, air pollution and obesity are closely linked. Around 39.8% of children in Delhi were obese as compared to 16.4% in Kottayam and Mysuru where the quality of air is better. The researchers claim that obese children are 79% more likely to develop 'asthma'. “The burden of asthma is also much higher... a prevalence of nearly 40% among boys,” said Arvind Kumar, founder of Lung Care Foundation.

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A combination therapy in fixed dosages can reduce CVD by more than half

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Combination Therapy Can Reduce Risk Of CVD By More Than Half

As per a study by Hamilton researchers, a combination therapy of aspirin, statins, and at least two blood pressure medicines administered in fixed dosages can cut the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease (CVD) by more than half. Every-year, over 19 million people die from CVD. "This combination, either given separately or combined as a polypill, substantially reduces fatal and non-fatal CVD events," said author Philip Joseph, associate… read-more

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Pandemic Increases Depression, Anxiety In Kids: Study Finds

A finding published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics based on 29 studies around the world said depression and anxiety "doubled" during the COVID-19 pandemic in children and adolescents. Non-involvement in ''school routines and social interactions'' increased the problems for kids. ''Estimates show that one in four youth globally are experiencing clinically elevated depression symptoms while one in five has anxiety symptoms'' said the… read-more

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The use of antibiotic has in India has increased during the first wave of COVID-19

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16.29 Billion Doses Of Antibiotics Sold In India, Says Report 2020

According to a study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, a total of 16.29 billion doses of antibiotics has been sold in India in 2020. However, the sales of azithromycin rose to 5.9% in 2020 from 4.5% in 2019. In India, adult dose usage increased from 72.6% in 2018 to 76.8% in 2020. The research suggests that almost everybody who was diagnosed with COVID-19 received an antibiotic.

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Institute Of Seismological Research,  Gujarat

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Gujarat's Seismological Institute To Study 8 Earthquake-prone Cities

In order to study the seismic activity and earthquake possibility, the Institute of Seismological Research, Gujarat will study eight earthquake-prone cities from four states. The ISR, which won the bid ahead of IITs and IISc Bangalore, will prepare seismic microzonation maps for Amritsar, Varanasi, Lucknow,  Kanpur, Agra, Meerut, Patna and Dhanbad. To be completed in 2-3 years, the study will create a map to help design the infrastructure in… read-more

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Representative Image of Urban Air Pollution

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Nitrogen Dioxide Increases Vulnerability Towards COVID-19: Research

A team of US-based researchers have discovered that long-term exposure to urban air pollution can make the Coronavirus more severe. After researching on key urban air pollutants in the United States from January to July, Nitrogen Dioxide showed strongest correlation in making a person vulnerable to COVID-19. Donghai Liang, one of the researchers stated that curbing traffic emissions and ambient air pollution is a key component in reducing the… read-more

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