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The Tallest Nation Has Shorter People: Dutch Study

Study by Dutch researchers on September 19 showed that the tallest nation in the world- the Netherlands is witnessing shorter people. Dutch women born in 2001 have a difference of 1.4cm (0.55 inches) from their 1980s counterparts and for Dutchmen it is of 1cm (0.39inches). The causes for this changing trend is transcending the level of immigration from shorter population groups. Study suggests Southern having height advantage over Northern… read-more

Mon, 20 Sep 2021 - 11:00 AM / by Shiksha Dev

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Covid-19 Delta Variant

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Delta Variant 8 Times More Likely To Escape Vaccine Immunity: Covid-19

Researchers from India and other countries have found in a study published in Nature journal that Delta variant of covid-19 was eight times more likely to break out the immunity gained by Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. Also Delta variant is six times more likely to re-infect those who have retrieved from covid-19. Moreover, increased replication and reduced sensitivity have been achieved through natural infection or vaccines.

Wed, 08 Sep 2021 - 09:47 AM / by Ettishree Shukla

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Ozone layer depletion

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Electron Precipitation Intends To Cause Ozone Depletion In Mesosphere

The phenomenon known as electron precipitation causes aurorae, which has been detected as the same reason to cause ozone layer depletion in the mesosphere. This depletion in the ozone layer can cause severe climate changes in the earth. The depletion can particularly occur during aurorae. Moreover, this has been found out by a group of scientists headed by Prof. Yoshizumi Miyoshi from Nagoya University in Japan.

Mon, 23 Aug 2021 - 09:03 PM / by Vidhi Jhunjhunwala

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Device Taps Brain Waves

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Scientists To Decode Brain Waves Of Paralysed People

Researchers have developed a “speech neuroprosthetic” that enables the brain waves of a paralysed individual to be decoded to appear on the computer screen. The device transfer the thoughts that the individual intends to speak. This is done with the help of implanting electrodes on the brain’s surface, over the area that controls speech. Scientists term it as a major step towards developing communication of paralysed people.

Sat, 17 Jul 2021 - 10:06 AM / by Bornika Das

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AI Robots Traverse Through Unfamiliar Terrain Without Falling

A team of researchers from UC Berkeley, Facebook, and Carnegie Mellon University have collaboratively built a new class of AI-supported legged robots namely Rapid Motor Adaptation (RMA). The robots are equipped to traverse through unfamiliar terrain such as sand, mud, tall grass and dirt piles without falling. It has achieved a 70% success rate while walking down steps and 80% while navigating over piles of cement and pebbles.

Mon, 12 Jul 2021 - 01:25 PM / by Bornika Das

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Dragon Man

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New Human Species Discovered Resembling Mankind 'Dragon Man'

A skull, recently discovered in North-Eastern China represents a new species of ancient people, resembling humans than Neanderthals. Scientists revealed that the skull conserved for more than 140,000 years, can alter the basic understanding of human evolution. The Researchers' team calls the species as 'Homo longi' or 'Dragon Man', because of its origin of discovery.

Sun, 27 Jun 2021 - 09:15 AM / by Sahil Quadir

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COVID-19 Jab Has No Impact Over Male Sperm Quality, Study Says

The researchers at the University of Miami has confirmed that Coronavirus vaccines do not have any side effect on the male fertility. However, the study was done over 45 men and the quality of sperms remained healthy before and after taking two doses of the mRNA vaccine. Reportedly, the vaccines contain mRNA and not the live virus, it is unlikely that it would affect sperm parameters.

Fri, 18 Jun 2021 - 01:55 PM / by Sahil Quadir

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Chinese Researchers Find 24 Coronavirus Genomes From Different Bat Species

Chinese researchers from Shandong University found twenty-four novel coronavirus genomes, one of which is genetically second-closest to the COVID-19 virus. The research was conducted as a response to WHO and various other countries demanding a probe in the virus's origin, and to find out how many types of Coronaviruses exist that are capable of infecting human beings. Reportedly the samples were collected from bats which live in the local… read-more

Sun, 13 Jun 2021 - 08:39 PM / by Sohini Mandal

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Researchers claim the effectiveness of butterfly tea plant to cure Alzheimer

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Alzheimer To Get Cured Through Butterfly Tea Plant, Researchers Suggest

Bengaluru researchers have suggested butterfly tea plant as an aid for Alzheimer. Caused due to disruption in brain, the disease affects behaviour and memory of patient. Neha V Kalmankar, a Phd student at the National Centre for Biological Sciences highlighted the usage of plants to cure various diseases and the significance to find the medical purpose of plants. Cyclotides from plant has proven effective to cure Alzheimer patients.

Sun, 13 Jun 2021 - 02:47 PM / by Vanshika Sharma

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Indian Patents Filed Overseas Are More Quick, Successful: Study

A data analysis revealed that four of every 10 patents filed by Indians abroad get a nod while the same for domestic filing is one of 10. Experts cite haphazard, high filing cost and slow disposal behind the dismal state. While experts suspect serious bidders moving overseas due to cost, an official claimed more local filings are done to pip competition. Interestingly, foreigners filed more than 3.2 lakh applications of which 76,637 were… read-more

Mon, 01 Mar 2021 - 08:08 PM / by Nikita Thakur

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