Ashok Gehlot

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Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot Attacks Pilot Over MLAs Resignation

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot attacked Deputy CM Sachin Pilot and said it should be looked into as to why there was resentment among MLAs over the name of a new chief minister in the state. Notably, after Ashok Gehlot announced to contest Congress presidential elections, raising the question of State CM, many Gehlot loyalists resigned and opposed the new CM's election, said to be Pilot.

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Ashok Gehlot, Rajasthan CM

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Rajasthan Political Crisis; 92 Congress MLAs Submit Resignation Over Pilot As Next CM Selection

Amid the nomination of Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot for the Congress Presidential elections, the question of his successor started in Rajasthan. As many as 92 MLAs, loyal to Gehlot, expressed dissatisfaction and submitted their resignations, over the selection of the next Rajasthan CM, who is likely to be the current Deputy CM Sachin Pilot. Meanwhile, with Gehlot contesting the Congress Presidential elections, Pilot's poster with "Naye-Yug-… read-more

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Sachin Pilot

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Delhi Police Detains Congress Leader Sachin Pilot Amid ED's National Herald Probe

Delhi police has detained Congress leader Sachin Pilot while he was on his way to party's headquarters in Akbar road, to express support to Rahil Gandhi in the National Herald Case. This comes amid the ongoing Enforcement Directorate (ED) probe against Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald Case, where Gandhi is being questioned for the third day. According to police, section 144 has been imposed in area outside ED office.

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Ashok Gehlot

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All Ministers In Ashok Gehlot-Led Government Resigned: Rajasthan

All of the ministers in Rajasthan's Ashok Gehlot-led government submitted their resignations to the chief minister, paving the way for a Cabinet reshuffle. The resignation came after a meeting of the Rajasthan council of ministers on November 20 evening at 7 p.m at C.M house in Jaipur.  As per reports, all of the ministers will be gathering at the state Congress offices to make final decisions on November 21.

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Sachin Pilot

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Congress Pitches In Sachin Pilot and Baghel As Star Campaigners For Jharkhand By-Polls

To attract votes in the Jharkhand by-elections, Congress has decided to bring in Sachin Pilot and Bhupesh Singh Baghel as star campaigners. The congress committee on October 23, released a list of star campaigners which also included names of Umang Singhar and RPN Singh, former Union Minister. State's Congress spokesperson Lal Kishorenath Shadeo said that the rallies will increase after Durga Pooja and the party plans to conduct virtual… read-more

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Ashok Gehlot - Sachin Pilot

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Sachin Pilot Raises Backward Class Issues, Writes to CM Gehlot

Congress party leader and former deputy CM Sachin Pilot, on September 2 wrote to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on the five percent reservation given to the backward class like Gujjars and others, not being followed in several recruitment services. The letter was disclosed to the media on September 12 after the reshuffling of posts in the party with no major mention of Pilot in it. 

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Sachin Pilot says he is a warrior

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Sachin Pilot Unites with CM Gehlot, Says He's the Strongest Warrior of the Party

Rajasthan Political crisis which was caused due to a rift in the party, seems to have come to an end after a month, on August 14. Sachin Pilot united with the Chief Minister (CM) and the party, after which CM Ashok Gehlot won the trust vote in the Assembly. "All of us, all 107 of them, are united in the House," said Sachin Pilot.

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Gehlot and Pilot

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Rajasthan Crisis: Gehlot-Pilot Reunited, Congress Wins Confidence Motion

The Gehlot-led government won the confidence motion by voice vote on August 14 in Rajasthan Assembly session after his reconciliation with sacked deputy CM Sachin Pilot. In response to the debate on the motion, CM Ashok Gehlot alleges that BJP is trying to pull his government down. Meanwhile, former deputy CM Sachin Pilot said he would fight for the party. However, the house stands… read-more

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Congress Govt Drama in Rajasthan May Erupt in Future Too: BSP Chief Mayawati

Bahujan Samaj Party chief, Mayawati has raised doubts over the settling of the Rajasthan political crises, saying there are chances of future conflicts between former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot and CM Ashok Gehlot. "BSP wants to say that the long due internal conflict between these two has affected works of public welfare in the state," she said, adding the Government should focus on its people during a pandemic. 

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Sachin Pilot addresses media

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Sachin Pilot Reaches Jaipur after a Month, Denies Demanding any Position from Party

Congress leader Sachin Pilot returned to Jaipur on August 11, after meeting with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi on August 10, ahead of the assembly session beginning August 14. While addressing the media, Pilot denied having demanded any post from party. Meanwhile, Congress has set up a three-member committee to address Pilot's and other MLA's grievances, putting an end to the Rajasthan political crises. 

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