Sharad Pawar-Ajit Pawar

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ECI To Hear Plea By NCP Ajit Pawar, Sharad Pawar Over Party Symbol

The Election Commission of India will hear the plea of both the factions of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Friday over claims on the party name and symbol. Ajit Pawar earlier in July approached the Election Commission staking claim to the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the party symbol amid a feud between the faction led by Ajit Pawar and that by party supremo Sharad Pawar.

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Ajit Pawar-Sharad Pawar

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No Split With Ajit Pawar, Says NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar

The National Congress Party (NCP) gave a statement on Ajit Pawar and his place in the Party. In a recent press meet in Baramati, Pawar refused to have any split or issues with Ajit Pawar, who recently joined Shiv Sena-BJP alliance and became Maharashtra's Deputy CM. Sharad Pawar said, "Yes, some leaders took a different stance but this can't be called a split. They can do so in a democracy,"

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Sharad Pawar

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Sharad Pawar Says He'll Be NCP President

Chief of the Nationalist Congress Party (undivided), Sharad Pawar said that age does not matter in politics, whether it is 82, or 92 and that he is the president of the party.  The statement came after the exclusive NCP meeting held at Delhi, on July 6. Sharad Pawar also said that all members during the meeting today "showed intentions of strengthening the party.

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Sharad Pawar

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Sharad Pawar To Attend National Executive Meeting Amid Maharashtra Political Drama

Amid the ongoing political chaos in Maharashtra, the National Congress Party (NCP) and the Indian National Congress (INC) party are scheduled to be held on July 6. The national executive meeting is scheduled in Delhi, at 3:00 P.M., to discuss the major change in Maharashtra politics, especially at a time when the nation is set to witness the 2024 General Elections.

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Sharad Pawar with NCP Panel

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NCP Panel Rejected Resignation Of Sharad Pawar, Celebrations Started

In a breaking news, the National Congress Party (NCP) Panel rejected the resignation of Sharad Pawar, as the President of the party. After the rejection, the NCP workers and leaders in Maharashtra, held a grand celebration, as NCP will have Pawar as the President. The decision was taken after a high-level party meeting held in Mumbai. The NCP leader, who got emotional after urges of NCP workers, said needed time.

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NCP Meeting

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NCP To Hold Key Meeting After Pawar's Resignation

The National Congress Party (NCP) is set to hold a key meeting to discuss the future course of action and decide on the successor of the NCP. Notably, after Sharad Pawar announced his resignation, the NCP is in a tussle between Pawar's nephew Ajit Pawar and his daughter Priyanka Sule. The meeting came at a time when Maharashtra politics is facing crisis amid ongoing Shiv Sena V/S Shiv Sena matter.

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Sharad Pawar

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Sharad Pawar To Take Final Decision Over Resignation As NCP Chief Soon

Sharad Pawar, who recently announced to quit as the President of the National Congress Party (NCP) said, he will take a final decision soon. Notably, the sudden decision of Pawar, the senior most leader and President of the NCP to quit as the Chief created a ruckus in the politics of Maharashtra. After several rounds of talks with NCP leader, Pawar has finally said he needs two days.

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Ajit Pawar

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Ajit Pawar Says Sharad Pawar Will Rethink His Quitting Decision

In the latest development in Sharad Pawar quitting the National Congress Party as the President, Ajit Pawar made a remark. Speaking to the media, NCP leader Ajit Pawar on behalf of Sharad Pawar said, "I took my decision but because of all of you, I will rethink on my decision. But I need two to three days and I will give it a thought only if the workers go home."

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Sanjay Raut

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Sanjay Raut Shares His Remark After Sharad Pawar Announces Resignation

The stepping down as the NCP Chief decision of Sharad Pawar has stunned the party leaders and workers. Announced on May 2, the decision is now being compared to the Bal Thackeray's decision of quitting as the Chief, despite being founder. Sanjay Raut, NCP MP tweeted, "Fed up by dirty Politics and allegations, Shivsena Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray too had resigned as the Shivsena Pramukh. History seems to have repeated itself."

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Sharad :Pawar

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Sharad Pawar Announces Resignation As NCP Chief

In an event of political drama, National Congress Party (NCP) President Sharad Pawar announced to step down as the Chief. Pawar made the announcement at the launch of his revised version of the autobiography which was met with protests by party workers and leaders who asked the octogenarian leader to rescind the decision. Patel said Pawar did not take anyone into confidence before announcing his resignation, protesting the decision.

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