World's Youngest Astronomer; Found 18 Asteroids


8-Year-Old Brazilian Girl Becomes World's Youngest Astronomer

Nicole Oliveira, an 8-year-old Brazilian girl has found 18 Asteroids under the project 'Asteroid Hunters' run by the International Astronomical Search Collaboration. The project is affiliated with NASA and is meant to engage young kids in science by giving them a chance to make space discoveries of their own. Little Oliveira is now called the World's Youngest Astronomer for reaching out to stars at such a young age.

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Kyle licking the martian rock

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Scientist Licks 3.5 Billion Year Old Space Rock; Shared Video On Twitter

Soon after scientist and a first-year PhD student, Kyle Morgenstein posted a picture of 3.5 billion years old Martian rock on Twitter, netizens started pressuring him to lick the rock. After many petitions and fundraisers started pouring in, Morgenstein denied the request saying the space rock stays in a temperature and humidity-controlled plastic mini showcase. However, he posted a video of himself licking the rock the very next day. 

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Michio Kaku

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Contacting Aliens Is Gamble, Says American Theorist Michio Kaku

American physicist and futurist Michio Kaku recently said reaching out to the extra-terrestrial life would be a terrible idea. Citing the development of the Webb telescope, which will increase the probability of contacting aliens, he said, "I think that aliens out there would be friendly but we can't gamble on it." He added that even if the scientific fraternity want to connect with aliens, it must be done "very carefully".

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American Astronaut Scott Kelly

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Prolonged Time In Space Makes Astronauts' Hearts Shrink: Study

Staying in space for long durations can lead to shrinkage of astronauts' heart and exercise is not the cure for it, revealed a new study published in the journal Circulation. Reportedly, the study was conducted on former astronaut Scott Kelly, whose heart was exposed to longer periods in space and had shrunk despite hours of exercise. Notably, the study has come amid countries advancing towards space missions across the globe. 

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China's new probe seeks to collect lunar rocks

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China's New Space Probe Chang'e-5 Seeks To Collect Rocks From Moon

China is planning to launch the Chang'e-5 probe in the upcoming days to the moon to bring back lunar rocks. The scientists are assuming that the collected materials will give a more clear idea about the moon's origins. The spacecraft, named after the ancient… read-more

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