Remains of captain Chen Yi found

Photo: Taiwan News

Remains Of Crashed F-16 Jet Plane Found In Chiayi County: Taiwan

Suspected remains of the crashed F-16V pilot were found by Taiwan's search and rescue teams. The F-16V fighter jet crashed off the nation's southwest coast on January 11. At Dongshi Township in Chiayi's County at 4 pm, captain Chen Yi's human remains were found, reported Taiwanese military. The remains will be analyzed on January 14. On January 11, the F-16V plane vanished from the radar during a training mission. 

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US president Joe Biden

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US, Japan Set To Defend Taiwan From Chinese Aggression

The US and Japan, with a contingency plan, are ready to defend Tiwan from the Chinese aggression. The two countries agreed over a draft plan, which was initially proposed by US Pacific command and Japan's self defense. The plan has been taken jointly, stressing Chinese attacks on Taiwan. Possibly, the US marines with the help of Japanese Army would set up base in Nansei islands, close to Taiwan for emergency. 

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Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin

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US Ready To Assist Taiwan Against China: Pentagon Chief

Lloyd Austin, the United States' Defence Secretary and Pentagon chief, said that the US is ready to support Taiwan's ability to defend itself against China. He further stated that US respects the ''one-China'' policy but it will not tolerate any forceful entry into the island nation. Notably, his remark came amid China's goal of bringing up its nuclear arsenal to at least 1,000 warheads by 2030.  

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Shinzo Abe and Xi Jinping

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Japan's Envoy Summoned By China After Ex-PM Abe's Remark On Taiwan

Following the remark of former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe on Taiwan, China sent a summon to Japan's ambassador in Beijing for an ''emergency meeting'' on December 1. Reportedly, Abe said his country and the United States couldn't stand by if China attacked Taiwan. Japan's chief cabinet secretary Hirokazu Matsuno also said, ''There are people in Japan who have such opinion and Japan cannot accept China's one-sided view.''

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Virtual meet between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping.

Photo: AL Jazeera

Virtual Meet Between President Joe Biden, Xi Jinping Begins

The virtual meet between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping started on November 16. It is the first meeting between both leaders after Biden came to power in the US. The objective of the meet is to reduce conflict between both the countries and tensions over Taiwan and other areas. ''Humanity lives in a global village and we must face challenges together,'' said Xi. 

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Taiwan Prime Minister

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Taiwan Rejects Beijing’s One China Principle; Asks Not To Interfere

Taiwan slammed Beijing for its interference in the internal matters of the democratic island on November 11, after the Chinese communist party said that Taiwan’s participation in APEC activities must be based on the "one China principle". The ministry of foreign affairs of Taiwan rejected the statement made by China and claimed Taiwan is a free country that enjoys the same status as other members of the APEC, reports.

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Google Office in Washington

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Google Donates $1 Million To Taiwan FactCheck Center

U.S tech company Google Inc. has donated 1 million dollars to the Taiwan FactCheck Center (TWC), to help combat the effects of disinformation. Reportedly, the funds will be disbursed over the next three years, helping approximately 23 thousand people. Moreover, the company will be using the money to fund workshops for the elderly people in remote areas, indigenous groups, and newly naturalised citizens in particular, according to reports. … read-more

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Taiwan Earthquake

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Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Strikes Taiwan's Yilan County

The China Earthquake Networks Center said Taiwan's Yilan County experienced an earthquake magnitude of 6.2 at 1:11 PM on October 24. Yilan County is located in the eastern part of Taiwan. Reportedly, the epicenter was reported to be monitored at 24.61 degrees in the northern latitude, while in the eastern latitude, it was at 121.73 degrees. However, any reports of casualties haven't been reported so far.  

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Syringe and vial.

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Japan To Donate More COVID-19 Vaccines To Southeast Asian Countires

To strengthen the fight against COVID-19, Japan on October 15 announced that it'll donate more free vaccines to Southeast Asian countries. However, Japan has already donated 25 million doses to the countries and will further donate an additional 4.9 million jabs. Reportedly, Indonesia and the Philippines will receive 2 million doses followed by 5,00,000 lakh doses to Vietnam, 4,00,000 to Thailand, and more AstraZeneca vaccines to Taiwan.

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Fighter Jets in the Sky.

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Taiwan Warns China After 56 Jets Infiltrate Its Air Defence Zone

Following China's 56 fighter aircraft's infiltration into Taiwan's air defense zone, the Taiwanese defense ministry demand Beijing to stop ''its non-peaceful and irresponsible provocative actions'' on October 4. ''China is the culprit of causing tensions...It's further threatened regional security,'' said Taiwan. Reportedly, at least 150 Chinese Warplanes have crossed the border since China's National Day. Besides, the US also urged China to… read-more

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