Taiwanese Army

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Taiwan Thanks India For Support Amid China Tensions, Continues To Strengthen Defence

Amid the raging tensions between China and Taiwan, Taiwan has conveyed its hearty thanks to India for support. Also, Taiwan stated that it will continue to strengthen the country's defence capabilities, while maintaining close coordination with like-minded nations. Notably, Taiwan's list of like-minded nations include India and 50 other counties. The tensions erupted between the China and Taiwan after US House of Representatives' speaker… read-more

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Sun Weidong

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China's Ambassador Seeks India's Assistance Following Nancy Pelosi's Visit To Taiwan

Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong described US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's travel to Taiwan as a risky political provocation. He urged US to refrain from interfering in Taiwanese and Chinese domestic matters. Weidong stated Pelosi's visit gave incorrect signal to separatist groups. He said, “It is only natural that China makes a firm response. We are safeguarding our own sovereignty and territorial integrity which is lawful, legitimate… read-more

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Langya henipavirus (LayV)

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New 'Langya' Virus Discovered In China, 35 Cases Documented Thus Far

According to Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control, a new Langya henipavirus was found in China, with 35 human infections reported thus far. The virus is most likely transmitted from animals to humans and can cause renal and liver failure. Majority of instances are minor, with patients reporting flu-like symptoms. There is presently no vaccine or cure for Langya virus, hence supportive care is the primary treatment option for zoonotic disease… read-more

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Nancy Pelosi

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Pelosi's Taiwan Visit: North Korea Calls US Speaker Nancy Pelosi 'Worst Destroyer Of International Peace'

Following US House of Representatives' speaker Nancy Pelosi's controversial visit to Taiwan, North Korea has termed her "the worst destroyer of international peace and stability". North Korea further accused her for enraging China and inciting anti-North Korea sentiment. China claims ownership of Taiwan, and had warned against Pelosi visiting it. After her historical visit, China has initiated military excercise in the territorial waters of… read-more

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Ou Lang Li-hsing

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Taiwan's Missile Production Head Found Dead In Hotel Room Amid Rising Tensions

The suspicious death of top Taiwanese defence official has raised eyebrows on August 6. Ou Lang Li-hsing, deputy head of Taiwan defence ministry's reasearch and development unit, was found dead in a hotel room, informed Taiwan's official Central News Agency. Ou Lang was reportedly supervising missile production projects, and the cause of his death is being investigated. Meanwhile, tensions are growing between China and Taiwan, following Nancy… read-more

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Snickers Candy Bar Makers Apologizes For Taiwan Is Country Ad

Mars Wrigley, makers of the Snickers candy bar, apologised for a Snickers product launch which suggested that Taiwan was a country. On August 5, Wrigley said, the content with the wrong information has been amended. Notably, videos and pictures of an event promoting a limited edition Snickers bar that was said to be only available in the "countries" of South Korea, Malaysia, went viral on Chinese social-media platform Weibo.

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DF Ballistic Missile

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China Launches DF Ballistic Missiles & Performs Military Drills In Taiwan Waters

China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has launched multiple Dongfeng ballistic (DF) missiles in Taiwan's northeast and southwest waters, informed Taiwan's defence ministry. China's has also commenced military drills in areas surrounding Taiwan's main island, a day after the departure of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of US House of Representatives. Futhermore, Taiwan's defence ministry tweeted "our defence systems have been activated".

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Jinping and Pelosi

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China Imposes Trade Ban On Taiwan Amid Pelosi's Visit; Halts Import Of Fish, Fruits & Others

Amid US House speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China has issued a ban against Taiwanese imports, and has halted all trade-related activities with the island nation, on August 3. China's consul general in Karachi Li Bijian said that from August 3, China has suspended imports of citrus fruits, chilled white hairtail and frozen horse mackerel from Taiwan. China has also suspended two types of fish products from Taiwan.

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Jinping and Pelosi

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China Warns US Of 'Very Grave' Consequences Ahead Of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan Visit

Ahead of US House speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China warned United States of "very grave" consequences. Pelosi is scheduled to take part in high-level meetings with government officials of the island nation. China termed her visit as a "gross interference in China's internal affairs". For years now, China has claimed Taiwan to be its own,… read-more

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Xi Jinping

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China Flexes Military Power As US Senator Rick Scott Visits Taiwan; Warns Of 'Firm Consequences'

Following American senator Rick Scott's visit to Taiwan, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) conducted large-scale drills around the island, as a flex of military power. Furthermore, senior Chinese General warned his US counterpart against any "wanton" act, stating that it will be dealt with "firm consequences". Meanwhile, senator Scott is on a three-day visit to Taiwan. He is scheduled to meet Taiwanese president Tsai-Ing-wen. 

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