Elon Musk

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Elon Musk Proposes Resolve To Rising China-Taiwan Tensions, Suggests Handing Over Some Control Of Taiwan To Beijing

Elon Musk has offered a proposal to resolve the rising tensions between China and Taiwan. This has come days after Musk proposed a resolve to end Russia-Ukraine war, which received widespread criticism and resulted in Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy replying to Musk’s tweet. Musk stated that, the China-Taiwan tensions could be dealt with by “handing over some control of Taiwan to Beijing”, stating that the conflict over Taiwan is “… read-more

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US, Australia & Japan Defence Ministers

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US, Australia & Japan Join Forces To Work Against China; Condemn China’s ‘Bullying Behaviour’

The defence ministers of US, Australia and Japan have formed a military cooperation to counter China’s “bullying behaviour” amid the ongoing China-Taiwan conflict. Officials from Australia and Japan flew to US’ military headquarters for the pacific region, where the leaders met. This has come after US announced $810 million aid for pacific island nations where US is planning to intensify its diplomatic presence, reported Hindustan Times… read-more

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Chinese Aircraft

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16 Chinese Military Aircrafts, 4 Naval Ships Cross Median Line Of Taiwan Strait

China is continuing to breach into Taiwan’s borders as a flex of power since the controversial visit of US speaker Nancy Pelosi. In the latest development, on September 25, China sent 16 military aircrafts and four naval ships into the median line of Taiwan’s strait. Taiwanese Ministry of National Defence further stated that China sent one unmanned drone and and two planes Into the southwest sector of Taiwan’s AIDZ.

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Gaoliao Bridge Collapse

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Earthquake Wrecks 600 Metre-Long Gaoliao Bridge In Taiwan

An earthquake of 6.9 magnitude on the Richter scale hit southeastern parts of Taiwan on September 18. The quake has caused cracks in buildings and roads in the region. An aerial view of the Gaoliao bridge revealed the full impact of the quake. Sections of the bridge broke apart and crumbled following the earthquake, reported India Today.

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Flags of US and S Korea

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US & Korea Begin Joint Military Exercises: Ulchi Freedom Shield

The United States of America and South Korea have begun joint military exercises, titled ‘Ulchi Freedom Shield’, on August 22. The Ulchi Freedoms Shield has been revived after four years due to the rising tensions in Asian region. The joint exercise also include field training. The drills will reported be carried out till September 1. Reportedly, around thirteen combined training programs have been planned.

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Japanese and Taiwanese Flags

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Taiwan Looks Forward To Welcoming Japanese Politicians

Taiwanese officials welcomed the upcoming visit of Japanese politicians to the self-governing island nation, amid rising tensions between China and Taiwan. Furuya Keiji, chairman of Japan ROC Diet Members’ Consultative Council and Secretary General Kihara Monuru are scheduled to visit Taiwan between August 22-24. The officials are expected to discuss multilateral ties with US and other nations, and also the ongoing military flex by China.

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Chinese Warplane

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21 Chinese Warplanes, 5 Warships Tracked Around Taiwan

Taiwan has reported that 21 Chinese warplanes and five warships have been tracked around the territory of Taiwan, with eight jets crossing Taiwan Strait Median line. Taiwan has asked its Combat Air Patrol (CAP), navy ships and air defence missile systems to monitor China’s military actions and respond. On the previous day, as many as 51 Chinese warplanes breached the territory boundaries.

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Chinese Warplane

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China Breaches Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone; Sends 51 Warplanes, 6 Warships

China has breached Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) on August 19. Taiwan reported that China sent 51 warplanes and six warships into the zone. Also, China’s 25 fighter bombers flew east of Taiwan’s median line. Meanwhile, China is also performing military drills, as a flex of muscle. The incidents have transpired after the visit of US politicians to the island nation.

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Taiwanese Army

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Taiwan Thanks India For Support Amid China Tensions, Continues To Strengthen Defence

Amid the raging tensions between China and Taiwan, Taiwan has conveyed its hearty thanks to India for support. Also, Taiwan stated that it will continue to strengthen the country's defence capabilities, while maintaining close coordination with like-minded nations. Notably, Taiwan's list of like-minded nations include India and 50 other counties. The tensions erupted between the China and Taiwan after US House of Representatives' speaker… read-more

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Sun Weidong

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China's Ambassador Seeks India's Assistance Following Nancy Pelosi's Visit To Taiwan

Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong described US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's travel to Taiwan as a risky political provocation. He urged US to refrain from interfering in Taiwanese and Chinese domestic matters. Weidong stated Pelosi's visit gave incorrect signal to separatist groups. He said, “It is only natural that China makes a firm response. We are safeguarding our own sovereignty and territorial integrity which is lawful, legitimate… read-more

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