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Taliban Imposes Ban On All Political Parties In Afghanistan

Citing Sharias Law, the Taliban in Afghanistan has imposed a complete ban on political parties in the region. Interim Minister for Justice, Sha­ikh Maulavi Abdul Hak­eem Sharae said there was a complete ban on activities of political parties in Afghanistan. On August 17, the statement demonstrates that the Afghan Taliban may continue to monopolise power as a movement and have no intention of allowing political plurality in the country.

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Taliban Barred Entry Of Women Without Hijab Into Outdoor Restaurant

The Taliban barred entry of families and women into restaurants with gardens or green spaces in Herat province, confirmed local news. The decision came after religious clerics complained of mixing genders in such places. Afghan officials said that the curbs have been brought in place because of gender mixing or because women allegedly are not wearing the hijab. Notably, the outdoor dining ban only applies to establishments in Herat.

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NIA Receives Threat Mail Linked To Taliban

The National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) Mumbai office received an email threatening that a person would carry out a terror attack in the financial capital. The email claimed that a person linked to the Taliban would carry out the attack in Mumbai, confirmed sources. Following the threat, the city police and the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) were alerted and enhanced security in the region.

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Suicide Blast

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Pakistan Peshawar Bomb Blast Kills 61, Leaves 150 Injured

In Pakistan's Peshawar region, a suicide bomb blast was reported on January 30, which killed 61 people and left 150 seriously injured. The blast occurred during afternoon prayers at a mosque near police lines in northwestern Peshawar. The Taliban terror group claimed the attack and confirmed that a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up in the packed mosque, leaving police officials, medical staff and constables injured.

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Kabul Exam Centre Blast

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Suicide Bombing Strikes Education Centre In Afghanistan’s Shiite Area; At Least 19 Dead

A suicide bombing attack was carried out in Afghanistan’s Kabul, at an education centre on September 30. The explosion took place in the Dashti Barchi neighbourhood, which is mostly populated by Shiite community members. The incident reportedly killed 19 persons and left 27 others injured. This is considered to be the deadliest attack in Afghanistan, since the bomb blast at a mosque in western Herat province earlier this month.

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Russia and Afghanistan Flags

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Afghanistan To Buy Oil, Gas & Wheat From Russia At ‘Special Discount’, Signs Deal

The Taliban-led Afghanistan government has signed a trade deal with Russia to buy oil, gas and wheat at a discounted price. Afghanistan’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry spokesperson Abdul Salam Jawad Akhundzada said that the imports will commence “within days of weeks”. Happy with the deal, Akhundzada said that Afghanistan wishes to continue making such deals with Russia in the future.

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Accidental Grenade Blast Kills 1, Leaves 4 Injured: Afghanistan

In Afghanistan’s northern province of Faryab, a grenade that belonged to the Taliban exploded, killing one person and leaving four others including women and children injured. The incident occurred in Faryab’s capital city of Maimana, and two persons have been detained in connection to the explosion. According to the Taliban government, the hand grenade was accidentally thrown, and was not a plotted crime. Further details are awaited.

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Female Afghan Students

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Taliban Denies Permission For Female Students To Leave Kabul For Studies: Afghanistan

The Taliban-led Afghanistan government has refused to grant permission to allow female students to study abroad. Most students in Afghanistan, aspire to study in Kazhakstan and Qatar. However, male students have been permitted to fly abroad for studies. The Taliban has also prohibited women from working outside homes, and has brought various gender-based segregations. Moreover, Taliban has prohibited women from visiting parks at the same time… read-more

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Explosion In Kabul Mosque Kills 20 People, 40 Severely Injured

Another massive explosion has been reported in a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 17. The blast happened after the evening prayers killed 20 people and left over 40 injured, confirmed local media. This is the third such explosion in the past two weeks, despite the claims of the Taliban, that the situation in Kabul, Afghanistan is under control. Notably, no terrorist outfit has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

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Bomb Blast

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Vehicle Bomb goes Off In Afghanistan's Kabul; 4 Injured

In Afghanistan's Kabul, a bomb fitted to a motorcycle exploded near an electronic identity card centre, on August 13. The explosion left at least four injured, including two Islamic Emirate forces. The reason and source of the incident is yet to be determined. A week ago, three persons were killed and seven others were injured in a blast that occurred near Pul-e-Sokhta area in the west of Kabul.

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